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  1. Well I have really little free time the this year. I was involved in the testing of a new real ATC system and will be involved in the test for real SATCAS till February. After that I should have a little more free time. I may release it as it is right now, but it stills have some small bugs. You can see that I am not even very active in the forums
  2. Private message from plugin will not be allowed for the same reason it is not allowed to send text messages on the freq from a plugin. It is due security reasons, some one can flood the freq or private channel, deliberately or by accident.
  3. You don't. The Server will look at ES's website for the active licence.
  4. Well you can't do that anymore http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Simulator_Architecture
  5. Can you tell me the FL the flights are and the full route.
  6. Thanks! Sorry about that, it is my fault. Mirror 1 should work now, mirror 2 should work tomorrow.
  7. Well I see both of the tracks as untagged, where they untagged or tagged? Because you said that you are using Matias, and that datatag family doesn't have a warning item in the uncorrelated/untagged mode.
  8. Where you EGGP_APP on the screen shot or you were observer/another ATCO?
  9. DUPE is only for IFR squawks. Can you show me a screenshot with IFR duplicated squawks without the warning?
  10. Which squawks have you defined as VFR in ES?
  11. Can I ask how do you check that you have a duplicated code situation in the airspace?
  12. That is where the $ROUTE part comes along. Simply put there the next points, and the $FP will have the full route
  13. It is doing what you have told him to do You have said to the simulator: "create a traffic at these coordinates :@N:BAW930:4751:1:35.0:-30.0:34000:0:0:0 and then follow the route starting from point 4520N with coordinates N45.00.00.000 E20.00.00.000". Also use the N/S and W/E in the scenario, not +/-
  14. Can you show us the points defined in the sct file
  15. I am still away, so I can't make some more tests, sorry about that. Does ES crashes always on the 15 minute, or when it is doing something or at random events? I also see that you run a 64bit PC. Is it Windows 7 or 8? Do you run it as Administrator?
  16. Are you sure you have removed all of them? Remove them, then restart ES and see again.
  17. Ask your self this: how does a tower controller knows that the pilot has entered the correct SQ on a non A-SMGCS/ADS-B airport in real life? When the aircraft is seen by the SSR. If he is in standby mode, there is no way you can know. The flightstrip do show both codes, the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign and the one squawking by the plane, the second one is in (), if it is now shown, then they are the same. Always read the wiki first http://euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Flight_Strip
  18. That is not a simulation session is it Your question was about the simulator and FSInn.
  19. It was implemented, but during the test it became obvious that it is very unstable and FSInn some times crushed. So when in simulation session the option is disabled.
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