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  1. Hi Mark While I agree with the no naming and shaming, would it be out of the question to describe what kinds of actions required Sups to take action? Are we talking about a sustained unattended connection effort, or was it something else? If it's not something you believe is worth sharing, I totally understand. I'm just curious 🙂
  2. Hola Fernando, Simplemente considerando el primer requisito (Ser un miembro activo del FIR, con rating C1 o superior) el universo es fácil de determinar: Del total de miembros del FIR hay 19 personas que cumplen con ambos requisitos (estar activos, y tener C1 o superior). Esas 19 personas fueron invitadas a postular por Alex por intermedio suyo, y de ahí salen los dos que efectivamente estuvieron interesados en postular. Se entiende que el llamado no generó interés entre los restantes 17. Podrías argumentar que en Chile hay más personas con rating C1, pero no se encuentran activos (muchos hace más de 10 años) por lo que tampoco serían candidatos elegibles. Aprovecho para comentarte algo que me llama la atención de tu ultimo mensaje, porque hay una divergencia importante de información (aclaro, como bien sabes, que no soy ninguno de las personas que se presentó como candidato). Cuando Alex presentó su renuncia, indicó lo siguiente (cita textual) a todos los integrantes del FIR: En ningún momento, ni antes ni después de ese mensaje, se indicó que esa era la forma de postular. Doy por hecho que si uno solo de los que postularon por intermedio de Alex envió además un mail a Vatsur, es porque el que no lo ha hecho simplemente no supo que debía hacerlo porque la comunicación fue súper clara al indicar que el procedimiento era otro, como puedes ver en el texto que cito. Dos días después: Nuevamente (la cita es textual), se vuelve a indicar que las candidaturas se canalizan a través de Alex hacia Vatsur. En términos de información hay un problema. Y te insisto, creo que es redundante buscar más candidatos entre los 19 elegibles, siendo que esos 19 elegibles ya eligieron postular (2) o no postular (17). Finalmente, no puedo compartir el argumento de la transparencia. Nunca vimos un llamado publico a postular al cargo de Director de Operaciones de Vatsur que tomó Alex. Si bien me parece fantástico que haya sido designado, no parece estarse aplicando el mismo principio ya que no hubo un llamado público a postular (como sí lo hubo en 2019 cuando se designó a JP Cobos). Me parece súper importante predicar con el ejemplo. Si la VATGOV hace llamados públicos para cargos altísimos que tienen impacto y alcance global, y un FIR tiene que pasar por un llamamiento público para llenar un cargo cuyo scope es netamente local, ¿no crees que una División debiera también hacerlo para llenar un cargo con scope divisional y que tiene impacto en un subcontinente completo?
  3. Hola Fernando, gracias por tu respuesta. Sin embargo, creo que no se entiende la pregunta original. Luego de comunicarse la renuncia del Jefe de FIR saliente, no se hizo una "proclamación interna" en que el FIR presentara candidatos ante Vatsur como indicas. Se llamó a todos los miembros elegibles (activos, C1 o superior, etc) que estuvieran interesados en postular a hacerlo por intermedio del Jefe de FIR saliente. Éste último reenvió esas postulaciones a Vatsur (al margen, me llama la atención que menciones haber recibido solo una, siendo que Alex recibió -y reenvió- dos) Y he aquí el origen de mi duda: El universo de personas que fue llamado a postular por Alex fue el total de las personas que podrían ser elegibles para tomar el cargo. De ese universo solo dos postularon. Ese mismo universo de personas es el que podría responder al llamado publicado en este foro, por lo que quienes hayan estado interesados ya postularon. Y es ahí donde no me cuadra la necesidad de hacer otro llamado para que postulen las mismas personas o para que postulen personas que no cumplen los requisitos. Suena a pérdida de tiempo.
  4. Hola Gabriel, Me encantaría si me pudieras aclarar algo. Requisito excluyente para postular a la jefatura del FIR Chile es ser un miembro activo del mismo. De entre todos los miembros del FIR se presentaron ya candidatos, que fueron reenviados a VATSUR hace ya bastantes días. Cuál es el fin entonces de abrir la postulación por esta vía, con un plazo más amplio, si no hay más controladores activos del FIR Chile? Te recuerdo que del total de controladores que cumplen todos los requisitos, solo dos eligieron postular. Por esta vía no se va a conseguir más postulaciones que cumplan con los requisitos. Es solo para extender innecesariamente el proceso? Saludos
  5. agreed. For the purposes of Miguel's idea, we wouldn't need ATC stations, sector data, etc... only airports-firs-countries. But even that is a challenge to have as a central database. Building it may not be a huge deal, but maintaining it and keeping it updated is We could have it as a sort of git repo and base it on pull requests (allowing each country or each division's IT people to submit pull requests to keep the amount of contributors under control), but even then, someone would need to go through all the pull requests and decide which ones get merged and which ones don't. In the absence of such central repository, my vACC has locally worked on a snapshot of VATSPY's database which we've been updating (locally) when we encounter missing airports or FIRs. This is far from perfect, but it works for our purposes
  6. Haha agreed... open sourcing most of our code should be mandatory (unless there's IP issues). I'm stuck developing proprietary stuff so I cannot release any of it (except non-core stuff that can be used and reused for other purposes such as payment gateway integrations and stuff like that) that said, no one in his/her right mind would ever clone one of my repos... I really am a s***** dev 😆
  7. ... which is a valid approach, of course. There's two schools of thought here (not intending to start a holy war over this).. The traditional development approach of analize-estimate-schedule-develop-test-fix-retest-deliver-end and the more modern/agile approach the considers a product as an ever-evolving entity that is never actually finished and that can make everyone hyped lots of times (one per each value-adding delivery) I personally believe that neither approach is entirely correct or incorrect. But I do believe that some projects (regardless of how big or small they are) benefit from agility and smaller frequent/atomic deliveries and others benefit from a unique delivery .. but that is a discussion that I'd enjoy much more over beers or coffee
  8. Hi Zach, Saw the sticky regarding the VATSIM API. I think it meets all we need as a vACC. I haven't begun working on it but it seems that the most basic info (basic user data for a CID and online times per rating for a CID) can be queried without any sort of API Key or Token. Will that remain that way? Would there be any sort of rate limits enforced on at least those API methods?
  9. As for ease of implementation, I believe an MVP (minimum viable product) qualifies as very easy... For instance, I already have a list of approximately 5900 airports, each linked to the FIR code that covers it. That's complemented by a list or nearly 400 FIRs. All it would take would be to go through those 400 FIR codes and add a new "country" parameter for each one, and have a third list with a relation of country->website, which could take a couple of hours to build... after that, you'd input an airport ICAO and would get a country name and local website in response. I cannot speak for the development agenda/backlog/priorities Vatsim has, but speaking solely in terms of effort once a task like this got to the top of the to-do list, a basic MVP could be ready within the day.
  10. It's not just VATSpy... it appears that all data feed endpoints are down If there's anyone from the VP of Network Systems, just a heads up: all URLs listed in status.vatsim.net are down (I've been seeing a mix of HTTP 400 and HTTP 404 responses on all of those)
  11. Yes, happened to me when I returned to controlling after an 11 year hiatus. I tried a lot of things. Ruled out most of them, until I found that for some reason VRC was launching always using my integrated video card (on a laptop) regardless of the discrete one being working. Strange. The strangest thing is that I do a lot of stuff on this old laptop and even graphics software perform better with the onboard video card if for some reason I need to disable the other one. Long story short, find the VRC executable and (Al least on Windows 10), right click, choose "run with graphics processor" and pick your discrete video adapter. Problem solved at least for me
  12. I've been experiencing a weird vATIS issue that happens when I change something in the ARPT COND window. My setup is as follows: I have one Configuration Profile called SOUTH OPS PARALLEL (I could have more, but 99% of the time it's the one I'd need). I have multiple entries in both the ARPT COND and NOTAM MSG settings. One of the ARPT COND needs to be changed as it needs to reflect the Transition Level, which changes with the QNH. There's two entries: one that says TRANSITION LVL ONE ONE FIVE and the other says TRANSITION LVL ONE ONE ZERO. If, during a session, I need to change the transition level (because of a QNH change), I do the following: 1.- stop the TX ATIS 2.- open ARPT COND 3.- uncheck the entry I need to deactivate, and check the other one 4.- restart the TX ATIS At this point, the ATIS transmission starts having issues. It basically gets broken in the middle of the Airport name and never transmits the rest. The ATIS should read "ARTURO MERINO BENITEZ AIRPORT INFORMATION FOXTROX..." plus the METAR and all the rest that is configured. When I change the ARPT COND it says "ARTURO MER.." and stops. Toggling the TX ATIS switch on and off does not solve the problem. The only way to get around the issue is to disconnect vATIS, reconnect again and then toggle the TX ATIS switch on. I'm using the latest version of vATIS ( It's not a big issue, as disconnecting and reconnecting vATIS doesn't take longer than a couple of seconds, but it's definitely an unexpected behavior (that I can replicate 100% of the time by following the above steps) FWIW, running Windows 10 Pro. Happens with both a regular user account and an elevated account. Has anyone experienced this same issue?
  13. This is an old thread, but for what it's worth: In my vACC we use Dreamhost. It would regularly cost USD 120 per year (some of which you'd be able to reduce if people sign up with your referral code). In our case we get it for free because I have an old account which I use (and pay for) for other non vatsim-related stuff. Since Dreamhost offers "unlimited everything" (unlimited sites, domains, databases, space, transfer, etc) I just piggyback on my own account and set up the site at no cost for my vACC. For the requirements of my vACC, the site's performance is more than acceptable, especially considering the cost If you need a more robust solution, I'd recommend DigitalOcean or Linode. You can get basic VPS servers for as little as USD 10 per month (roughly the same USD 120 per year) but you'll need to be a little bit more involved in setting up the server so it works (but you get root access to your server). The upside is that should you ever need more server resources, it's easier to grow your infrastructure (both in terms of server resources or number of servers... e.g., you could pay a little more for a server with more CPUs or memory, or you could set up your database on a separate server, or you could even set up a load balancer and have multiple application servers in case your site had too much traffic for just one server to handle the load) Having said that, if you have a simple low-traffic website, Dreamhost's shared hosting would be more than enough. I'm not sure if posting a referral code to save you 50 dollars in your first year would be acceptable here though. If it is, I'd be more than happy to provide one for anyone who needs it (full disclosure: using my referral code would give you 50 dollars off your first year and would also give me 50 dollars off my next renewal)
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