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  1. Hi Ross, Thanks for the quick reply. I totally understand the difficulties and the plethora of edge cases that can arise from this and the fact that the middle part is not standardized. Didn't know it had been pitched before. Sadly I don't have the answer to your questions (I'm just a visiting controller for South America Control, but I don't have any insight on the AFV part other than my own trial-and-error when I was trying to get these sectors to be displayed in VATSpy). Since the whole FSS is new, I still haven't encountered a case when there's a shift change, but apparently (fro
  2. Hi Ross, First and foremost: Thanks for the much appreciated VAT-Spy update! There's something I'd like to pitch to you. Browsing the old VATSpy forums on your site, I found that VATSpy parses callsigns and identify facilities as "everything up to the first underscore" and the facility type as "everything after the last underscore" (so for example SCEZ_N_CTR is parsed as a Center covering the SCEZ FIR) There's a new overland special center (similar to Eurocontrol) in South America (south america control... https://fss.vatsa.net/ ), whose UIR sectors are called SAM_S_FSS, S
  3. If you need some help and starting points for coding the distance part, shoot me an email at jlarroulet at [same domain of the working example I posted earlier]... I have a couple of PHP snippets that may help
  4. At my vACC we use a little more complex approach. I'll give you a brief summary We have a database with all airport ICAO codes that we know of, each with its latitude and longitude From the VATSIM feed we determine the departure and arrival airports in the flight plan, plus the current location of the aircraft We calculate the great-circle distance from the aircraft to each airport. We use a simplified model that assumes the earth is a sphere and not the WGS84 ellipsoid (to make the math simpler, which has a small error which is negligible for our purposes If the dista
  5. Hi Mark While I agree with the no naming and shaming, would it be out of the question to describe what kinds of actions required Sups to take action? Are we talking about a sustained unattended connection effort, or was it something else? If it's not something you believe is worth sharing, I totally understand. I'm just curious 🙂
  6. Hola Fernando, Simplemente considerando el primer requisito (Ser un miembro activo del FIR, con rating C1 o superior) el universo es fácil de determinar: Del total de miembros del FIR hay 19 personas que cumplen con ambos requisitos (estar activos, y tener C1 o superior). Esas 19 personas fueron invitadas a postular por Alex por intermedio suyo, y de ahí salen los dos que efectivamente estuvieron interesados en postular. Se entiende que el llamado no generó interés entre los restantes 17. Podrías argumentar que en Chile hay más personas con rating C1, pero no se encuentran activos (
  7. Hola Fernando, gracias por tu respuesta. Sin embargo, creo que no se entiende la pregunta original. Luego de comunicarse la renuncia del Jefe de FIR saliente, no se hizo una "proclamación interna" en que el FIR presentara candidatos ante Vatsur como indicas. Se llamó a todos los miembros elegibles (activos, C1 o superior, etc) que estuvieran interesados en postular a hacerlo por intermedio del Jefe de FIR saliente. Éste último reenvió esas postulaciones a Vatsur (al margen, me llama la atención que menciones haber recibido solo una, siendo que Alex recibió -y reenvió- dos) Y he
  8. Hola Gabriel, Me encantaría si me pudieras aclarar algo. Requisito excluyente para postular a la jefatura del FIR Chile es ser un miembro activo del mismo. De entre todos los miembros del FIR se presentaron ya candidatos, que fueron reenviados a VATSUR hace ya bastantes días. Cuál es el fin entonces de abrir la postulación por esta vía, con un plazo más amplio, si no hay más controladores activos del FIR Chile? Te recuerdo que del total de controladores que cumplen todos los requisitos, solo dos eligieron postular. Por esta vía no se va a conseguir más postulaciones que cumplan
  9. agreed. For the purposes of Miguel's idea, we wouldn't need ATC stations, sector data, etc... only airports-firs-countries. But even that is a challenge to have as a central database. Building it may not be a huge deal, but maintaining it and keeping it updated is We could have it as a sort of git repo and base it on pull requests (allowing each country or each division's IT people to submit pull requests to keep the amount of contributors under control), but even then, someone would need to go through all the pull requests and decide which ones get merged and which ones don't.
  10. Haha agreed... open sourcing most of our code should be mandatory (unless there's IP issues). I'm stuck developing proprietary stuff so I cannot release any of it (except non-core stuff that can be used and reused for other purposes such as payment gateway integrations and stuff like that) that said, no one in his/her right mind would ever clone one of my repos... I really am a s***** dev 😆
  11. ... which is a valid approach, of course. There's two schools of thought here (not intending to start a holy war over this).. The traditional development approach of analize-estimate-schedule-develop-test-fix-retest-deliver-end and the more modern/agile approach the considers a product as an ever-evolving entity that is never actually finished and that can make everyone hyped lots of times (one per each value-adding delivery) I personally believe that neither approach is entirely correct or incorrect. But I do believe that some projects (regardless of how big or small they are) benefit fr
  12. Hi Zach, Saw the sticky regarding the VATSIM API. I think it meets all we need as a vACC. I haven't begun working on it but it seems that the most basic info (basic user data for a CID and online times per rating for a CID) can be queried without any sort of API Key or Token. Will that remain that way? Would there be any sort of rate limits enforced on at least those API methods?
  13. As for ease of implementation, I believe an MVP (minimum viable product) qualifies as very easy... For instance, I already have a list of approximately 5900 airports, each linked to the FIR code that covers it. That's complemented by a list or nearly 400 FIRs. All it would take would be to go through those 400 FIR codes and add a new "country" parameter for each one, and have a third list with a relation of country->website, which could take a couple of hours to build... after that, you'd input an airport ICAO and would get a country name and local website in response. I cannot s
  14. It's not just VATSpy... it appears that all data feed endpoints are down If there's anyone from the VP of Network Systems, just a heads up: all URLs listed in status.vatsim.net are down (I've been seeing a mix of HTTP 400 and HTTP 404 responses on all of those)
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