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  1. thanks for the replies gentlemen, much appreciated. As for the gate being the Lat/Long in the scenario file, where do I find those gate lat/longs? Are they in the sector file or something or do I create those? Can I just pick a lat/long at the airport terminal or no? thanks in advance -AB
  2. I've created a terrific scenario file, and I wanted to add some VFR aircraft just flying around. Specific aircraft types are C182 and a PA31. When I load the scenario file they are going 240kts. If you know aircraft, those airplanes don't cruise that fast, so my question is, can I change their startup speeds to be more realistic so they are cruising around at 120kts and 160kts respectively? Or must I use the speed slider button at startup for each aircraft to bring them to a more realistic speed? Another question also is regarding departures. How does the scenario know that they are d
  3. still waiting for that new day to dawn...maybe people will get trained and we'll have a website
  4. I did not know about this training tool, thanks for the information Thorbjoern. I'll look into it
  5. last I checked/knew, only instructors should have the program (that's an I1 or I3 rating in case you didn't know). Why are mentors teaching?
  6. Being the Training Administrator, I'm hoping I can get ahold of whoever is in charge of Sweatbox now. I see it was created by Christopher Serio. I haven't seen him around in a long time so I'd like to get ahold of whoever is in charge of it. I'm hoping to talk about re-doing the program. I would like to see a more user friendly program. Couple things I like: 1) ILS approaches 2) Create traffic on the fly 3) ACS Edit to help create scenario files 4) Easy text docomeent editing for the scenario files 5) Ability to open multiple scenario files Things I would like to see in an upd
  7. Not bad Alex. I dont want to create a debate but my suspicion is that the intent of FNO or ATC corridor was and is to GUARANTEE traffic for controllers so they pick specific airports to staff for traffic. Maybe you're idea would work, I dont know.
  8. I'm not disagreeing that you can't have a successful event if you combine the two. I'm just stating I preferred the old one. I do like the idea of two ARTCC's instead of three. Thanks for bringing that tid bit to light brad. AB
  9. Excuses?=Marriage is grand, Divorce is 20 Grand Why are divorces so expensive? Cuz they're worth it Marriage is the chief cause of divorce Alright they're not excuses but I tried.
  10. can we get some help on this issue? I'm not able to get this to work and because it can't find the elevation.txt file it wont have a/c fly the glide slope to the runway. Any clues?
  11. I respectfully disagree Ian. the old FNO was a challenge and required you to take shotgun arrival from other ARTCC's and sequence them to an arrival. That's a test of one's controller quality. I'm not saying the new FNO wasn't a challenge (I personally never had the chance to control a new one) but I like the old one better, it had more concentrated traffic and gave controllers a chance to shine because it was so busy. That's my $.02 Respectfully, Aaron Barclay ZAU Training Administrator
  12. great to know you're hosting it on ATC Corridor night! you couldn't pick one of the other 3 fridays in the month?
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