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  1. Is it just me, or does that seem like an awfully high hour requirement for a transfer? I've been here eight+ years now and only have 1200 hours controlling in total.
  2. POSITION VACANCY: Winnipeg FIR Chief InstructorAfter a wonderful tenure as Chief Instructor, Ethan Mason has decided to step back from the role to focus on controlling and helping other students. Thus, the Winnipeg FIR is looking for the next ZWG3!We are looking for a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our team. Someone who's professional, while remaining calm under pressure. Reporting to the FIR Chief and Deputy Chief, as well as VATCAN's Executive Team, mainly VATCAN3 if applicable. The position will consist of coordinating training of the FIR's students, as well
  3. It's once again time for an OTS exam in Winnipeg, and it's our one and only webmaster himself, James White! Come fly inside Winnipeg Centre airspace (including CYXE, CYQR, CYWG and CYQT) on October 4th, starting at 0100z (that's 2100 Eastern on the 3rd) and help James earn that coveted C1 rating!
  4. A timely VATCAN tradition is back. It's the one and only Winnipeg Wednesday! Come fly the friendly prairie skies from 2100z-0000z on September 23rd as we staff up the Winnipeg FIR - specifically, Winnipeg International (CYWG). Looking for places to fly? We recommend discovering some of our more major airports - Thunder Bay (CYQT), Saskatoon (CYXE) and Regina (CYQR) - as we'll have them all covered. You could also fly from one of our fields to Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) as they have an exam starting at 2330z. See you Wednesday!
  5. Fixed the issue two ways... #1: The issue had to do with the theme. Once changed, the issue was resolved. #2: Moved to a new website that wasn't WordPress anyway. Much better!
  6. Inspired by the beautiful prairies, welcome to Winnipeg's first Saskatoon-themed event! We're inviting all pilots - GA, Jets, Helicopters, whatever you've got - to come visit CYXE on the 15th for a day of flying! Take a short hop to Regina (CYQR), cross the border to Winnipeg (CYWG) or just go for a short flight to see the sights - this event has something for everyone! The party all starts at 2100z, and we'll have the FIR staffed until 0000z. We can't wait to see you there!
  7. Break out the lawn chairs and come join the Winnipeg FIR for some Canada Day fireworks!We’ll be staffing up on July 1st from 2200z – 0200z (that’s 1800 – 2200 Eastern) for all your flying needs!See you soon!
  8. Another note - vATIS recognizes DRSN (drifting snow) as just "snow" in the synthesizer.
  9. Hey All, Looks like my ATIS is getting cut off part-way through - any idea why? It just skips right from an RVR detail to the approaches for no reason. I had to add in the rest in the ARPT COND.
  10. I'm on the newest version. Have tried everything, no dice.
  11. If you have the updated version of WordPress, it doesn't work for me. Anyone else?
  12. Hi all, an explanation if I may. Earlier last week, we were made aware that there was an internal billing issue with the VATCAN.ca website - not money wise, but just a technical glitch. While we were in the process of sorting out this issue, the billing period p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed, and obviously, there was a missed payment involved. We worked very hard and quickly to fix this as fast as possible, and I personally apologize for any inconvenience this outage caused. We shouldn't have this issue happen again in the future!
  13. Congratulations Graham! Looking forward to working with you on growing VATCAN!
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