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  1. Omer Cohen

    IPboard SSO

    Hello, Im webmaster of VATSIM Israel division, lately we want to change the ipboard forum theme to new one, And some users can say that all works for them, but others says that in the connection with cert. its stuck there and not return to the forum . But if we change it the the default theme all works good.
  2. Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right place to write this, I want to show in my division website the current departure board in the real world. If anyone knows Departure board API (FREE) please let me know. Thanks,
  3. Okay, I try this, It worked, But still I need soem code that will already know what to take from the TXT fille and to make table of the online pilots.
  4. Yeah I know this already, But my question was if there is already something prepared already, Or maybe there is docomeetion or something that will explain us how to take what we need from the TXT fille.
  5. Hello everybody, I want to show online flights with some airline, and want to show the atc in some area, So, I wanted to know whether there is something ready or that each builds its own system to present the following information. If there is already system like that I would like to get it, Thanks everybody.
  6. Yes it's need to approved, "Error message: IP not approved for this consumer"
  7. Omer Cohen

    Change SSO IP

    Hello, Before few hours we (VATIL DIVISION) change our IP server, in SSO. How long it should take to approving it?
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