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  1. This is fine. I did not mean to make it unnecessarily confusing.
  2. We care about surface congestion (ASDE-X), the approach airspace and final boxes, and of course the en route flows, as an example. We need the NAS-wide perspective.
  3. I don’t want my ASDE-X windows to look like my approach windows 😛 but I assume this will be automatic in a new client. Thanks for hitting the other points 👍🏼
  4. This would be a much-appreciated feature. Would it be possible to have a (or have someone other than yourself make) .sct2 to .geoJSON convertor? This would speed up the transition process immensely. I do have a few questions about how large-area-wide surveillance will be performed (i.e., TMU or supervisory duties). From the TMU side, these features (though not limited to just these) are really useful from VRC: simultaneous display of scopes at different scales (en route, terminal, and ASDE-X views; sometimes multiple of each) with this, different color and radar profiles for
  5. At this time last year, spikes in traffic volume across the network made controlling and flying an incredibly busy ordeal. For perspective during that time, April 2020 was in the top 20 monthly operations list 6 times (ATL [3820 operations], LAX [3188], MIA [2921], SFO [2894], BOS [2668], and JFK [2474]). From that period, VATUSA worked to establish a division-wide traffic management resource, responsible for enabling coordination, communication, and cooperation amongst VATUSA facilities and balancing system-wide demand with capacity. In August 2020, the VATUSA Air Traffic Control System Comma
  6. This winter has definitely been crazy for VATUSA traffic levels: https://bit.ly/vATCSCC_Winter_COVID_Traffic_Report.
  7. Fly into/out of Kennedy or LaGuardia airports, the two airports which influenced the design of GTA IV's Francis International Airport. We promise you, no stars will be given for arriving or departing these airports ★★★★.
  8. Fly into the home of The Office, Scranton, PA. The paper industry may be dying but aviation isn't!
  9. Come fly VFR in/out/through New York City! If you take any good screenshots, let us know about them.Twitter: @NYARTCCInstagram: @NYARTCCFacebook: New York ARTCCPlease (please) make sure you are familiar with NY SFRA procedures by reviewing the obnoxious link below:NY SFRA Quick Reference Guide (adapted from the original).
  10. Bring your DC-10s, Boeing 767-200s, and your Connie's to New York LaGuardia (LGA) as we host the second round of the Retro New York Fly-in! Route information: If you will be flying an aircraft into/out of N90 that meets any of the following navigational/equipment criteria, please file “RQST TMU APVL” in the “Remarks” section of your flight plan and expect TMU to process your flight plan before you depart (the alternative being controllers passing along your flight plan while you sit on the ground, waiting for TMU to find it): AIRAC cycle prior to 1806 (June 2018) Non-RNAV c
  11. Fly into any of the three major NYC airports-JFK, EWR, and LGA-while NYARTCC controls Live from Newark, NJ remote from...everywhere! We'll have more details in a minute. Here is a booking link for ARRIVALS INTO JFK/EWR/LGA. (Note: "UPT" in the route portion means "User Preferred Trajectory" i.e., file your own route) (Join us on Saturday for another RealOps event featuring Live controlling from Newark too!)Also...from the VATSIM Forums
  12. Fly into Philadelphia International Airport during our FNO! Monitor this post as well as other platforms for routing, coordination, and other notices leading up to the event!
  13. There are two routes: BETTE ACK KANNI NICSO 4850N 4940N 5030N 5020N SOMAX ATSUR GAPLI M197 REDFA (40 flights) MERIT HFD PUT J42 BOS ALLEX JOOPY 4950N 5040N 5130N 5120N LIMRI XETBO LIFFY UL975 WAL M16 DOLAS L603 LAMSO (20 scheduled + all non-scheduled flights). If you are not scheduled, please file the MERIT route!
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