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  1. Hi! Glad that you have interest in flying to Singapore. ATC is usually online from 1200z till 1500z, but timings can vary or there might not be any ATC online at all, as we do not adopt any booking systems and log on spontaneously.
  2. Thanks for the speedy response Tim! 😄
  3. Dear all, This CPT is postponed by 2 hours to start at 1400z on the same date. See you there!
  4. Hi all, There will be a C1 CPT conducted for Julian Hill on the above mentioned date and time. Come and show your support by flying in Bangkok FIR to help Julian graduate as a Controller!
  5. Hi all, There will be a Senior Controller Controller Practical Test (C3 CPT) for Ken Kwok on Lumpur Radar (WMFC_CTR) at the above mentioned date and time. Do join in and give Ken all your support by flying a domestic flight from any airport within Kuala Lumpur FIR! IFR and VFR are welcome. Scenery: P3D/FSX Payware P3Dv4 Freeware XP11 Freeware Charts are available here.
  6. Hi Jas! In future could you post this in the South East Asia forum at this https://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=64? Posts in Fly-In Notices get pushed downwards very quickly. Thanks!
  7. Some add ons from me, we were testing this among a group of controllers, we managed to get the FSD server online. If I start the server on my own PC, I am able to establish connection by setting the VCCS host to, but others are not able to establish connection and get the above mentioned error code by connecting to my public IP address. Actually does is this feature still supported? Or focus is now put on the new AFV client where I know Gary mentioned something about incorporating landline features in AFV. Thanks in advance for any responses!
  8. Like I said, this is a forum, do not expect absolutely immediate replies. The devs may be working your issue now and will respond once they have any updates or a solution.
  9. All you need to do was to run the installers provided at https://audio.vatsim.net/. Other than that, we will need more details like a functioning screenshot link to determine the issue.
  10. If you want proper support, I suggest that you provide the necessary cooperation. Your descriptions provided simply do not provide any insight at all as to what problems you are facing, not even the devs are able to understand your issue now. Screenshots will be the best way for you to tell us your story now. Show us exactly what is wrong, what you see, those are all important information even if you don't know what the error messages mean. Hoping to get a helpful reply from you soon
  11. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=windows+screen+scaling
  12. Please just post what you think you want to email me in this forum post. This platform is more than sufficient for anyone to provide support.
  13. You need to be more specific. Won't work how? What error messages are you seeing? What makes you think that it is not working? How do you know it is not working? Just a "not working" is not enough for anyone to be able to know what is wrong.
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