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  1. How so? I said someone was working on it, I just never followed up on it, because I could care less. Outdated?
  2. YOU CAN do it, but it won't be properly integrated into the panels. You can use it as a popup with the RXP Software. Someone was working on integrating it into the PMDG737 years ago, I have no idea what happened to that project. a 747 one would be cool too.
  3. check the taskbar, if it's minimized it will be there.
  4. Go to ZBW's website and download the sector file package for VRC. Look in the G90 Sector file, you can see how I added the taxiway designations using VRC's Static Text feature, allowing you to turn them on and off. That's what I'd reccomend doing, as for getting the coordinates, you can use the mouseover feature in VRC, or use the Sector File Editor by the Swiss FIR???? (Not positive on that one, and enter them manually, then transfer that data to show as Static Text, rather than Fixes. If you need more help, PM me.
  5. Yeah that is correct, as a Seattle Controller, we sure appreciate when people do that, and don't spawn all day on Runway 34R. Thanks!
  6. People ARE lowering their VIS Range, and VATSIM IS Enforcing it too. We need to work together, on that.
  7. It's a shame that a Nation Carrier VA is down the toilet. We need more decent Canadian VAs. Are there any at all?
  8. Like Tim said, but you will more than likely have to do all the testing for the ARTCC you move to. (When you rejoin) For example, If I leave ZSE and move over to Boston, and I'm a C3, I still have to do all the testing, and get rated from DEL and upwards. Not sure if this will enter the equation your looking for, but I thought I'd p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it on anyways.
  9. Shouldn't you have asked this question before you bought it? I'm sure you made a wise choice, but I'll let the XPlane fellas chime in. I've been wanting to get it myself as well.
  10. Yes he is, and that's probably why he's able to bounce around like a bunny rabbit, and make it work.
  11. Ahh the dreaded Bill O'Reilly approach, guess it was destined to happen in this thread.
  12. My Condolences to his family. Very Sad indeed.
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