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  1. Since I don't have (nor have I ever had) an account on Turkish VACC Forum I'm writing here. Today I've recieved such e-mail: Normally I woudln't even open such mail - but the Turkish VACC Forum in adress made me to do it (I thought it's some kind of Turkish VACC event invitation or something) No idea how the author of spam got my e-mail (as far as I know I haven't [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with Turkish VACC) However I would be glad if Turkish VACC checked the security of their forum / access. This time it was just a junk mail - but next time someone can send a virus / trojan and the blame will go to Turkish VACC (which I personally know is a great bunch of controlers as I flew under their control many times) Just giving you folks heads up! Thanks Jan Buchwald
  2. It was very nice afternoon/evening. I enjoyed ATC from Korea, Taipei and Honk Kong FIR's. Well done! Next time we should make a flight from/to Taiwan to/from Japan Regards Jan ( LOT037) P.S: I have two pilot pics from under VHHH terminal - however I have no idea how can I upload them to forum.
  3. You're welcome, Sir Though it was LOT037 not LOT337 I'm sure that next time when Cairo Center will be divided into a few parts it will be much better! Sean
  4. I would like to thank all controlers who were on duty tonight in Egypt/Israel/Cyprus FIR. I really liked the control of our new friends from Egypt FIR (I flew from Larnaca to Hugharda as LOT037) and I hope to soon see/meet them again (I didn't have time to visit Cairo tonight - so I hope that soon there will be another ocasion for it;) Great Job Guys! Sean
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