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  1. Do they exist in the default XP9 scenery?
  2. Hi all, I am trying out X-Plane as I am unhappy with FSX's flight dynamics. I am looking for a realistic single or light-twin. In FSX it seemed that the best aircraft were payware and that's understandable, so if you have payware in mind, go ahead and throw me some links. Also any sceneries or other utilities which are good, please feel free to link as well. Thanks much!
  3. Hi, here is what I am currently running: FSX with the update FSinn 1.3 Active Sky X My question is do i need to disable the weather option in FSinn to allow for active sky to work or will they cooperate with each other?
  4. Hi everyone, for some reason i cant log into the testing area on vatusa. I know i have to use my vatusa p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and not my vatsim. also i tried emailing the vatusa training department administrator at this email [email protected] and it wont send the email because it says it doesnt exists. Can someone give me a helping hand here, thanks. Regards, Cam Fulbright
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