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  1. I can't speak for how the FSInn intercom used to work, as I never used that feature. I'm hopeful to see it implemented in vPilot someday, however!
  2. Hello developers and fellow vPilot users, As I run my flightsim audio through my speakers and my VATSIM voice through my headset during departure and arrival, I have to switch vPilot's audio output setting from my headset to my speakers during cruise, and back again during the descent. (As is often done in real life) Would it be possible to add a little toggle switch on the main UI to switch between two pre-determined audio devices to make this process a little more seamless? I would love to hear what the devs think of this. Regards
  3. These are all hilarious. Here's my contribution. I thought these "little Fokker" jokes were getting old, but BCY couldn't resist. This was on EHAM_GND earlier. [13:34:36] >> BCYXXX, follow the little Fokker onto A, taxi gate D57. [13:35:24] BCYXXX: onto A behind the little f****r then D57 [13:35:35] BCYXXX: *fokker [13:36:03] >> I am amused.
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