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  1. I've got you covered, sir. And yes, you're right, the Boston ARTCC program probably felt very similar to the ZLA program because it was based on the ZLA Pilot Cert program, used with permission. Shiny badges are the initial draw, but you're 100% right, it's what you get from going through the program that matters.
  2. Jeff, do you have any community liveries installed, or is everything bone stock?
  3. I had luck just turning down the ATC Voices volume to zero, was able to fly on another network (with the beta, not the pre-release, obviously) without issue or interference.
  4. Luke, That's why the PilotEdge client hasn't been released for FS2020. We're waiting for the sim frame rate issue to be resolved first. We were equally surprised to see the issue crop up because, as Ross has stated, the issues didn't exist in earlier alpha/beta versions.
  5. If you've never owned a sim, your best bet is to not worry about scenery and plugins for a little while. Take some time to learn how to fly the sim. If you get on here and can't operate your plane, you're going to be frustrated and you're going to frustrate the people that are trying to work with you on the scope. When you can takeoff, land, and navigate, then you're ready to think about getting online. Prior to that, you're unlikely to enjoy it. When that time comes, xsquawkbox.net contains the plugin for xplane to get you connected to VATSIM.
  6. The number of planes that can appear on TCAS is directly related to the number of AI aircraft enabled if memory serves. If you have the number of planes set to '2', then that translates to one TCAS target, max. However, if you're seeing 0 planes on the TCAS (remember, they only show up if they squawk Mode C and only within +/x XXft of you, I can't remember the number), then it's a different issue.
  7. To avoid negative learning for your r/w flying, I would use the same flow you're using in real life, which almost certainly means you're not filing VFR flight plans. I would bring that procedure to VATSIM and treat it like a real flight. Call the controller, tell them what you want to do. If you file a flight plan on VATSIM, most controllers are going to see that (which isn't what happens in the real system) and act on it. In other words, they'll know who you are and what you're looking for when you're cold calling them. You check in, you get a squawk code, get radar identified, and now yo
  8. Laminar Research provides pretty good support, you should contact them.
  9. FlyJSim's 727 and 737-200 for X-Plane are great, I haven't found many people who don't enjoy flying them. I have flown the 737-200 quite a few times and love it.
  10. Different sims have different reference points for reporting their altitude. As a result, the only sure fire way to fix this is to know when a plane is on the ground, and in such cases, ignore the altitude that's being reported and instead draw the plane, clamped to the ground. This involves knowing how high the aircraft's reference point is above the surface of the ground (that would need to be contained in the CSL) and probing the height of the ground at that point. Lastly, you have to smoothly transition from ignoring the planes reported altitude to using it at some point once it's really o
  11. There are more choices than just C++. There are plenty of Python-based plugins for X-Plane (such as FSEconomy). Delphi is also an option (for those who are inclined) and lastly, there's a LUA-based framework for X-Plane (Gizmo).
  12. Xsquawkbox is made up of several components. This issue was resolved in one of the lower level components, along with the addition of several other visual capabilities for the next generation of CSL aircraft. However, for this fix to come into play, a new version of XSB would have to be built. They are two separate projects, that's why the release of one doesn't automatically mean the other one is instantly rebuilt and re-released.
  13. Chris, with the new CSL system that's being worked on, you'll be able to use multiple OBJ's per aircraft, real lights, normal maps and animations. The planes cast shadows...all the good stuff. I already have it functional elsewhere. There's asynchronous loading of the planes and textures, too, and everything is loaded on demand rather than up front. This means you can have almost limitless CSL libraries. The future is pretty bright there.
  14. Also, you're putting the transponder into "TEST" mode on the panel. You should turn it to the setting that is one click past STDBY.
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