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  1. Good point Andre. Because there is more of a difference between the UK and Europe than just local administrative ones... even across the Irish Sea there's different phraseology and procedures! Plus the fact that Europe as a whole is a world away from the FAA?!
  2. Should visiting Gander/Shanwick Oceanic (and perhaps other similar positions) count towards this hard number of visiting locations? Lots of people only control for CTP each year, but how would they get an endorsement to do this if they already visit 3 other places?
  3. Also, if a bandbox of 2 or 4 main sectors are restricted, but the individual sectors are not, does that count towards the total...? Confusing!
  4. Not sure a 'course' is necessarily the right thing to mandate, as completing a course doesn't necessarily mean that the person has contributed to the community. This is what I really think the C3 should be about - I was really sad when the UK lost its mandatory mentoring requirement to obtain a C3, especially since area mentors are few and far between. This, to me, is what a contribution back to the community really looks like, because we're all here to be able to control at the end of the day. Either way, I'll be glad to see the back of the ability for Divisions to issue C3s for undefine
  5. But what then becomes unclear is how this would fit into the 33% figure. Effectively, it would be impossible to restrict someone from logging onto EGVV_CTR (which covers the whole UK airspace for military traffic and top-down at every aerodrome) because that would, in effect, be 100% of the UK...? Therefore denying placing restrictions anywhere else, such as Heathrow! I think it just proves the level of disconnect from the current GRP. (For what it's worth, I've never had an issue with requiring further training to control military - since I'd be scared otherwise - and I highly doubt t
  6. The short answer as to why we use 129.420 instead of 129.425 is that we have been made to believe that 129.425 would cause issues for pilots with older sims, mainly for text communications. This gives the impression that controllers are able to use frequencies with 5s on the end no bother? But I thought that this would still cause an issue with FS2004 default planes/FSX default planes/planes that only have 5 digit radios (which even includes the PMDG!)?
  7. Yup, different to what was in the original post - STC (Scottish TMA) is different to LTC_S (London - TC South). The reason not all of the splits are documented on our website is because there are so many that would provide unending confusion for pilots. So we have documented our most commonly used ones and if you're ever in doubt, just drop a message to a controller to ask whether they cover a particular airport/area. But not before checking that page! 😄
  8. There is the difference I guess; there are vast areas of UK airspace that are OCAS below FL195. Chart ENR6-7 shows the extent of controlled airspace (this link will most likely expire by next month, but it should work for now at least).
  9. All aerodromes inside controlled airspace have a full top-down service provided by London Control (workload may reduce the extent of this service but only when instructed). Any airfields that have a Tower/Approach unit real world, and not just an AFISO position, may also be covered top-down by a CTR controller. However, the difference we try to strike in the text is that if you are departing VFR from say, Shoreham EGKA, you only need to request a service from London if you want one - you might deem it sensible to get one if there is other traffic around that you might want to know o
  10. An update has now been made to the UK website page for the area sectors. Let me know on this thread if you have any feedback. https://www.vatsim.uk/operations/sectors Still to do: Add an index/tab navigation at the top of the arriving/transiting section for easier navigation between LON/LTC/SCO/(MAN/STC) airspace diagrams Add a PC diagram Add an STC diagram Make the images 'click to enlarge' Make the page automatically scroll down to the top of the section that you click to open
  11. It’s not as far as I’m aware, but +1 to the suggestion!
  12. Hi Deon Are you able to put (EGKK) in the title, and change the short description visible on the homepage to: Thanks!
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