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  1. depends on who you are trying to make a complain about. If it's about a controller, send an email to the ATM of the ARTCC. If it's about a particular pilot in a VA, then send a msg to someone in charge of the VA. Or if it's about VATUSA in general, send an email to VATUSA1.
  2. You are talking about a Global proposal and not a proposal having to do solely with VATUSA, right? I wasn't aware the BOG and/or EC could impose division specific requirements. I thought only the division or region could do that.
  3. Andrew, I'll contact you via email so that this can be resolved.
  4. The VATUSA Training Department and the VATUSA Academy Faculty would like to offer belated congratulations the following students on successfully completing all requirements at the ATC Training Academy for the month of November 2006. We wish each of you much continued success at your ARTCC. Matthew Calsada, ZJX James Daley, ZBW Timothy Denner, ZJX Michael Faia, ZLA Rich Fedorco, ZDV Tim Fox, ZLC Dylan Kay, ZOA David Jedrejcic, ZDV Chris LaSalle, ZBW Chris McNulty, ZNY Robert Ogden, ZME Earvie Rollins, ZHU Matthew Rosenberg, ZKC Joshua Sheppard, ZTL Andrew Smiley, ZBW Luke Sm
  5. The November list was published on the VATUSA site about a week ago although it doesn't appear it made it to the forums. I'll start a thread and copy it over.
  6. Regional visiting policies for VATSIM North America are posted on the VATNA site. http://vatna.net/
  7. Nathan, The pilot academy will not be available until early 2007... Any general dates planned? Or should we just keep waiting for an announcement? No definite date as of yet. David or myself should be releasing information on the Academy's progress very soon which should give everyone an idea where things currently stand.
  8. The three chances you are speaking of have nothing to do with the Entrance Exam but rather the internal course quizzes. Those will only be available once you are successfully enrolled into the Academy.
  9. Send an email to trainingvatusaorg so the situation can be corrected.
  10. It's been moved to the new server successfully and is now up and running once again.
  11. It means your info is not yet in the VATUSA database. Email the webmaster if this problem continues at vatusa6vatusaorg.
  12. Exam scores are sent to your email address immediatley after submitting the exam. I'll check this out and email you privately.
  13. You should have received an automated response from VATUSA with instructions on how to proceed. If you did not, email the Training Department at trainingvatusaorg and request that info.
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