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  1. Yea your right, we cant let them win! If only there was a better way of policing UNICOM. Maybe supervisors should just start randomly popping their heads in to UNICOM and listening?
  2. Yes, I sadly agree with you they should go back to text. As I said, I'm game to make flight sim as realistic as possible, but sadly if people are going to abuse the tools you give them to, quite frankly be id***s, then I'm sorry those tools should be taken away. Sad, but it's the truth. These guys are really destroying it for all of the good pilots, who just want to get the most out of VATSIM. I was so scared when it initially went to voice, and still am, of this happening, but feeling a bit better now that I know there's ways of catching them. Robbie
  3. Thanks for the tip! Between that and the shadow play recording the last 10min as Mats suggested, I should be able to get a supervisor to deal with them.
  4. Hello, Yes I would have called a supervisor but, unfortunately I have no idea who said it. I think I figured out who said it, but I don't know for sure. I use vPilot (literally the only one nowadays for P3D LOL!) which doesn't support that. It's a feature that I believe we all need now that we have voice on UNICOM, to attempt to stop these pilots. I didn't know i was allowed to record, will definitely do this next time (sadly) ! Thanks For the advice ! Robbie
  5. Hello, It deeply saddens me how rude pilots are on UNICOM. Last night I was departing Anchorage at around 10pm EST, and I was as usual doing my UNICOM announcements on voice and text. I know very well I am tricky to understand because of my disability. So to help, whenever I transmit ill type it as well. When I announced when I announced that I was departing, I got some quite rude feedback asking if I was "high", or "drunk", can't remember the exact wording but. Not the first time sadly won't be the last. Now I'm not writing this to bad mouth anyone, but let me try to tell you a bit abou
  6. Hello, What is the brazil unicom frequency? I heard it was 123.45, but I was departing Rio this morning and alot of pilots were using 122.8. I asked why they weren't using 123.45, and they insisted it was 122.8. Also what's the default squawk code in brazil? 2000 or 2200? I heard 2000 as they don't have radar . Thanks, Robbie
  7. Hello all, I am a pilot who has a speech impediment. I just flew out of KSEA, on UNICOM. I've flown on VATSIM for years (over 8000 hrs),and the VP/CTO of a VA. Encountered a few nasty controllers who refuse to even attempt to work with me using voice, however most people will work with me. I usually go by NWA 1999. Just now I was made fun of because of my voice. Im beginning to hate flying on VATSIM, as this has happened twice now (once last week) . I wont even venture internationally as people are usually worse outside of the US. I realize that there is some rude people , but it’s mak
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