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  1. This is the big one from my point of view. Finding a route and filing a flight plan are pretty standard, but once you're on the ground and ATC gives you a change, you have to be able to change what's in your FMS. And this can be problematic when the MSFS2020 aircraft routes are a mess. IN that case, I say I can't do it and I ask for vectors. ATC will vector you in and out of airports unless it's really busy, in which case you might want to learn in a quieter area. Again, this might be true but no one dies in VATSIM skies, so don't worry about screwing up. It's not real life. You
  2. Topdown controlling: For any controller you want, if it is not available, check in with the next level up (DEL, then GND, then TWR, then DEP/APP, then CTR). Those poor CTR guys/gals have to do it all when they're alone. Hope that helps.
  3. If you want everything to work as well as a system that has been developed over 15 years, you might have to wait 15 more years. 😉 I use the FBW version of the A320Neo on MSFS and VATSIM and am challenged by my lack of knowledge of the system and how to "not bother" ATC with my difficulties. But I think that not all ATC minds dealing with difficulties. I wouldn't wait. It is so much better than I ever saw in FSX even with lots of ORBX scenery (back 7 years, mind), and there's a growth/learning curve that everyone's on together. If you just stare at your panels while AP does it's thing
  4. I spent years using text only with ATC. I still do it occasionally.
  5. Great. Making notes. And yes, you have the situation clearly described.
  6. Fingers crossed that I won't run into this for a while. At the moment, I'm really only concerned with being assigned a different STAR while on cruise. If that happens while I'm on the ground, as it does with SIDs, I can see if the ATC changes work on my FMC and then proceed. What goes wrong is that I get "spikes" (ie, leftover (?) waypoints that require a sharp deviation and return to the obvious route) or breaks in the route. I am not skilled enough to handle those while on arrival, yet, and was wondering if everyone else can. From your and other descriptions, I'd guess the answer is yes
  7. Yes, I remember that now. I'll keep it in mind.
  8. As OP, I'll point out a couple of things: - I've been using Flightaware as suggested by someone here for the flight plans (thanks!). - I can now easily delete or add waypoints in the MCDU after some practice, but the FBW NX does not allow edits to the SID/STAR waypoints (afaik), which seems reasonable. I can usually iron out things since I'm still parked. - I still file my STAR with the flight plan, and use VATSIM arrival airport ATIS or metar before takeoff to set up the arrival and approach and check that it works. But If I'm asked to change my approach or arrival on desc
  9. Well, that is what I was wondering all along.
  10. Rebrief? I fly the FBW A320NX. I have not yet bought any aircraft. (Maybe that's part of the problem?) SIDs are okay, but if I change STARs I find the result is difficult to sort out. It can result in breaks, or spikes that have to be cleaned up but it doesn't always work. MSFS fault? I can't tell yet. I appreciate the help. But, I'm not a normal pilot. Like I said, I guess I'll back off until I put myself through some additional testing and can confidently deal with changes. Maybe I was less uptight 10 years ago, but this doesn't seem as relaxing. 😉
  11. Well, I appreciate all the replies. But I guess I won't be flying VATSIM as much until I get my training on the MCDU upgraded. I"m not sure how I managed to get 500 hours on the 767 in FSX on VATSIM 10 years ago. I think I must have done a lot of vectoring.
  12. As long as everyone is not required to become a "real pilot" in order to play on VATSIM.
  13. There's different DEP/APP procedures for different times of day. How unsurprising. Sigh.... LOL
  14. I assume you mean VATSIM-atc-friendly flight plans. Thanks
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