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  1. I think I was being patient and providing positive feedback. After trying all the pinned suggestions including the rollback, my problem still exists. No matter what key I chose in any of the versions now, my xPilot flashes off and on until I release the key. I did not have the problem until recently. Only changes to my system outside W10 updates is reloading the C++ Redistrib and xPilot. Not trying to be a pain in the ass, just reporting my issues. Ok, my stupidity and not reading the settings PTT correctly. my screen only showed half and I thought I was setting PTT but I was setting
  2. And that is now what I am trying to do
  3. Yeah, but that doesn't fix 1.3 and I have read through the pinned topics. Do yourself a favor and don't be so rude. I understand your frustration, no worse than ours.
  4. That does not cure all. Problems are still there.
  5. Since latest updates my xPilot has been rough to use. Frequent disconnects, when I set a PTT button and use it xPilot blinks until I release the key. Never had a problem until 11.5 compat update. I am running 11.41.
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