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  1. I have both, and agree with Andreas. Since the last releases of the Toliss, my Ultimate is in the hangar.
  2. Hi Cristian, I would go for X Plane + a Toliss. On the .org, few real pilots are very active on the dedicated forum, they are really amazed. You have also a very nice pilot client for X-Plane: swift. swift project (swift-project.org)
  3. May be this one: Procedure for connecting FS9 & Swift on multiple computers to the VATSIM Network - swift - VATSIM Community
  4. Hi Sean, Why not? If i can. What sim, what Os, what swift release are you using?
  5. Do you use Discord? We have a dedicated support server. Contact & Help | swift project (swift-project.org)
  6. Hi David, Do you use Discord? We have a dedicated support server. Contact & Help | swift project (swift-project.org)
  7. I know, and i am sorry: supported_os_simulators [swift Documentation] (swift-project.org)
  8. Try to disable Vulkan / Metal, or install an other client (swift, X-Pilot).
  9. Hi Samer, You should learn how to manage the secondary flight plan. It's well implemented in the Toliss.
  10. Xsquawkbox is not yet X Plane / Vulkan-Metal compatible. Here is an other powerful client: start [swift Documentation] (swift-project.org) swift project (swift-project.org) For any help, join us on Discord: Contact & Help | swift project (swift-project.org)
  11. Doc is here: swift_launcher [swift Documentation] (swift-project.org , running_distributed_swift [swift Documentation] (swift-project.org)
  12. Hi Jim, Yes i do sometimes, but it is in a shared cockpit. Claude.
  13. May be a little help here: http://swift-project.org/docs/installation/xplane/, and here: http://swift-project.org/docs/tutorials/ You can also try the new BB set: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37041-bluebell-obj8-csl-packages/ Or join the swift team on Discord: http://swift-project.org/contact/ Claude.
  14. Hi, Yes both pilots can receive and transmit. Depend of the planes, but in some case, one can use TX1 / RX1, while the other use TX2 / RX2. Obviously, each pilot need a Vatsim acount. There is a specific setting to fly in a shared cockpit: http://swift-project.org/docs/manual/spc/advloginscreen/
  15. A long time ago, i have filled a bug about this weird code when in standby position. Carl and Connor, when you have time do the same please.
  16. Hi Wellington, Thank you for your offer, but it's only my pleasure. I agree, smartco + swift is a real enjoyment. I have only time to maintain my files, beta test the smartco plugin, maintain swift on the computers of my mates, and fly (not enough). Try to join docpan on his discord chanel ( smartcopilot config garage, may be this link: https://discord.gg/aKKyugW ). Claude.
  17. Hi Charles, To fly in a shared cocckpit in X Plane, you need a plugin. https://sky4crew.com/
  18. Hi, AVF is already in the 0.9.4. You are using it twice.
  19. Hi Juan, Modern liveries are in the X-CSL set, old in the BB set. So, order = 0 for X-CSL, = 1 for BB should do the trick (Of course remove duplicates as usual).
  20. Hi Mark, https://dev.swift-project.org/w/help/spc/settings/weathersettings/
  21. Thank you for your answer, Fantastic and interesting setup. Will see what will happen with the traffic on screens 1,2 and 4,5, on ground and in flight. PS: On our side we use the X-CSL package recently updated with the X-CSL updater 1.20.
  22. Hi Duncan, We use this feature to fly in a shared cockpit (Using SmartCopilot). Of course, in this case, the second pilot (OBS (copilot) will use his own ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. The problem we have: On the OBS pilot side, only very near traffic is catch (May be less than 5 miles), as well on the Radar tab of swift, in external visual, and as TCAS alert. As a ticket is opened here: https://dev.swift-project.org/T703, can you share your experience? Regards.
  23. Done, thank you. https://discordapp.com/channels/539048679160676382/568904623151382546
  24. Hi, This is with X plane in a shared cockpit (smartcopilot). The OBS (co-pilot) pilot can't send / receive messages to / from the ATC or UNICOM. Also, the Radar tab is always empty. Is it a limitation of Vatsim (Rules?), or swift. Claude.
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