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  1. I understand that supervisors are trained to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ess situations quickly. However I cannot see any downside on isolating the pilot on the network wile [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essing the situation. As I said, sometimes the line is not clear if pilot is just trolling or is just a newbie trying to learn but coming out as a troll without filing flightplan, interrupting everyone on frequency and not listening to ATC. There has been few of these incidents in UK for example I have noticed while flying to Heathrow. It has taken 10 minutes for the pilot being kicked with the pilot arguin
  2. Hello, I know this is a sensitive topic and I don't really want to get too much involved into VATSIM politics with new pilots and trolling as the line between the two is ahrd to measure. However over the years I have seen increase on the amount of new clueless pilots just causing m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive havoc in busy airspaces such as heathrow. It's very obvious these pilots mess up the flow of the controller by cutting other people off on frequency and not knowing at all what to do. Then there is also the obvious trolls. The problem right now I see is that while vatsim supervisors
  3. Not getting into never ending discussion if we need test to oog on network or to talk with ATC. What I am going to say though is that when you are under positive ATC you usually have some respect for the controller because he will get you in trouble if you don't behave. How can we [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure same philosophy happening on CTAF around the world? I don't think we have people to monitor it all the time and usually habit when people nowadays misuse unicom is that you ignore it. So I would see people ignoring people misusing voice CTAF as well and switching frequency completely. So
  4. First of course experience. While you gain hiurs and experience you'll naturally find better ways to work eith traffic more efficientky and faster without you really even noticing it. Second comes prioritisarion. One of the most important things every controller should know but I still find some controllers lacking especially in big top-down situations. Remember that clearances can always wait for a bit, the aircraft is not koving and most likely is not about to move in the next 10 minutes from requesting clearance. So simply put them on standby list. During that time work efficientky your
  5. Like Andrew said. Text aliases are the best friend any controller. You cannot really argue that text pilots reduce the effectiveness of your controlling when they sre actually far quicker to handle than voice pilot when you just know how. At least I cannot give departure clearance to anyone within a second by voice.
  6. Investigated this further. I found out that it's the plugin that doesn't have this feature and therefore doesn't allow us to do this. That is intentional from plugin developer. Therefore case can be closed.
  7. No you cannot. ICAO 4444 section and Holding and holding pattern entry shall be accomplished in accordance with procedures established by the appropriate ATS authority and published in AIPs. If entry and holding procedures have not been published or if the procedures are not known to a flight crew, the appropriate air traffic control unit shall specify the designator of the location or aid to be used, the inbound track, radial or bearing, direction of turn in the holding pattern as well as the time of the outbound leg or the distances between which to hold.¨ 6.
  8. Interested to see what you guys would do if there was no published hold at the first waypoint. There is also many airports like that. For example EFRO https://ais.fi/ais/eaip/aipcharts/efro/EF_AD_2_EFRO_21_STAR.pdf Also, if ATC started to spank and call you out because he forgot you I would simply mention it back to the ATC if it's possible to do so without intefering too much with other operations. ATC makes mistakes, but for sure they should not start shouting the pilots for their own mistakes...
  9. Many STARs have a publish hold which serves as a feeding hold at the first waypoint of the STAR also known as last waypoint of the route. For example https://ais.fi/ais/eaip/aipcharts/efhk/EF_AD_2_EFHK_22L_STAR.pdf Anyways, it has been mentioned here before that basically if this happens it's controllers fault. The two things controller fails here is forgetting traffic and their clearances as well as prioritization. Sure mistakes happen though especially on VATSIM. Whether pilot joins the holding, or flies direct to the airport or starts flying to Timbuktu, Antartica, where-ever... control
  10. Sorry for bumping an old post. But noticed that this has been included on the latest r12 beta release. Where can I find this feature and how to use it?
  11. Hello, With the latest beta release when you try to confirm the new (orange) metar in the title by clicking it, it does nothing. You can still confirm it on the Metars list but I am used to do it on the title myself. I think it's nothing major to fix but just decided to give a heads-up so it can get fixed on the next release. Best regards, Jouka Ahponen
  12. Few pics from me as well from the Midnight sun fly-in event.
  13. Very nice Eion! Just wondering, hiw come you are now using it on the Australian setup as well? Are you testing or just implemented it there as well? As far as I know in Australia they have another plugin they like to use but I can't recall it's name right now. Anyways, looking good and I am glad you like it. Maybe show some pics from Irish setup as well? / Jouka
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