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  1. Alex, I hope your plan works to perfection. I think you have good people around you, to make it work. Just don't let the man keep you down! Good Luck
  2. Harold, Nothing personal taken. Yes, it would be a PIB in the short term, bit I feel the long term benefitd would be worth it
  3. if not a vfd then there are also many other volunteer organizations that are run the exact same way. when you can't keep up or get burnt out by the requirements you step down and another person steps up. the cycle goes on. it should be no different here. some times there might not be "qualified" applicants. That doesn't mean that they can't potentially grow into the position with support of members above and below them. Richard, When I became an ATM a long time ago, I thought it was going to be a very tuff task. I agree with you that someone who isn't "qualified" can grow wit
  4. Are these local policies the same thing as covered under the VATNA local rules policy http://vatna.net/docs/NA_Policy_0505.pdf? This is the link I am given to view the approved local rules http://vatna.net/?page_id=29.
  5. Dennis' predecessor hired her, why don't you ask him what underhanded scheme he was pulling off when he did. Karen has been one of the more active Events Coord's VATUSA has had, in a long line of great Coord's. Yeah, like Kyle said, it was an underhanded scheme on my part in hiring her. Actually, she submitted plans and ideas when she applied for the position, and a rough idea of what you are now seeing was a big part of that. After viewing her qualifications and plans, it was a no brainer for me to appoint her. Best VATSIM decision I ever made by far and it pays off everyday.
  6. John, When people complain of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing the exam but not able to select an artcc it usually this error..... The student taking the test hit the submit button more than once. Sometimes the test taker accidently double clicks the button, putting two test resuts in their record. Essentially what happens is that the two results cancel each other out. If this is the case, all an admin will have to do is to delete one of the test results and you should be on your way. Probably best to follow Steve's advice and contact 1,2 and or 3 so they can check it out. No
  7. Any news on the winning name and breed?
  8. Aggery, Don't hold me to the fire on this one but.... When I was the Chief in ZHU, we opened up Oceanic sometime about a year ago. I had decided at the time that it would be radar procedures for ease on both ends. I believe the real way of doing it, again don't hold me to it to it, is purely non-radar. I beleive the current ATM is taking it back that direction. He has been busy working on other projects within the ARTCC, but a craftily placed email to justin.mcelvaney at zhuartcc.com will probably get you a better answer than what I can provide.
  9. Sad to see you go Greg. Good luck and hopefully the replacment can be as good.
  10. Justin, If Dennis did not want to take heat for this idea, he should of let the originator of the idea post it up then. In my opinion I look at it this way. Approximately 4 threads below this one you have 228post/16 page thread going on where a representative of the BoG is trying his hardest to answer questions/clear up confusion on the upcoming MAJOR changes to an operational aspect of VATSIM. If I was understanding him correctly in his posts/clarifications there is room for the Divsions to further clarify issues relating to the policy via "local" policies. I just checked a
  11. Priorities my friend. This is just the first step to solving all of the current problems. Since there seems to be a pressing need for a "mascot" I think the perfect fit for VATUSA would be: Affenpinscher The Affenpinscher originates from Germany and was bred originally for hunting small vermin hunting and as a lapdog. It's origins can be dated back to the 1600's. In France the Affenpinscher is known as the 'diablotin moustachu' meaning the “moustached little devilâ€
  12. Dave, Get over what? I'm confused here. Since when is asking questions for clarification / information / curiosity considered "continuing resistance"? The questions seem valid enough to warrant a member who has rights to access the forum to ask. Weather you or anyone else chooses to answer them is up to you. Using your speed limit example.... If I were to stop on the side of the highway and ask a police officer what the speed limit was in that particular area because the sign is very dirty and unreadable, would he be in the right to think that I was "continuing to resist", or
  13. He disappeared. Had some meeting with guys in black suits and sungl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es and was never seen again. Actually, I've had to scale back operations on the VATSIM side of life, so Dennis is now USA1 and will keep the VATUSA truck rolling along.
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