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  1. Great thoughts, Matthew. I wish to uniquely develop them one step further and include my recommendation for network currency requirements. In them, I also build in an incentive for our members to control and accelerate through training while paying respect and courtesy to members that have already put in the time and effort to want to be here. General Requirement: 3-6 hours in 6 months, LOA anytime and perpetually renewable (removal prevention). Required GRP check if a member returns to service after 6 months or upon the end of the LOA. Division controls the hours, but it must fall between a
  2. After all else fails, downgrades are the cleanest and easiest way to establish a baseline of competency upon which a controller can improve. So long as opportunity and help exist to be able to afford a student the opportunity to earn back their proficiency, the educational construct of this network is in tact. It’s when there is an unequal opportunity for success that is present that there’s a breakdown in our system. If after showing the student various ways in which they can get back on the right track they fail to accept their end of the bargain, then their dismissal is not only acceptable
  3. I have always liked the idea of various checkpoints throughout a controller's journey in our division. Every training department is tasked with training to a minimum standard, and most, if not all, do, with most of their controllers. The problems occur with students who force their way through the content, slip through the cracks (not to anyone's or program's faults), or perform best when on task but after a short while of not actively training seem to forget the material. The division-wide safety net has always been a verification of knowledge check when controllers move about and beyond thei
  4. Thank you Matt for all of your explanations and I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer several questions for VATUSA staff last evening. Many of my thoughts have been echoed by previous posts, so I will aim to keep this direct and to the point. Also, please note that any disgust or disapproval is aimed at this policy, not at anyone in particular. Playing to the lowest common denominator doesn't work. While some people, like Matt himself had referenced, might be able to get on the bike after not riding after a long while and with little failure, the fact is that this skill se
  5. Thanks for your quick response. Yes, I can download data from VATSpy and Servinfo without a problem. I do not use Euroscope, though I was under the impression that you can use it with VRC just as well? Perhaps that is the error?
  6. It's a very interesting add-on, but I am having difficulty downloading data from VATSIM. It successfully works with SKYPE and I have made sure that there are no issues with my firewall (I think). I keep on getting "VATSIM Data Error #12029." Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  7. It now works like a charm for me, Michal. Excellent work, and trust me, I appreciate all of your hard work!!!!!!!
  8. Ok, it is probably just me, but I keep on getting an error when I try to install it. Any tips?
  9. Perfect man for the job! Best of luck Joe - remember to keep a visitor slot open for me!
  10. Wow, look at the Academy go....must be a pretty good system...
  11. Congratulations David! I know that you will do wonders with this position!!
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