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  1. From what I can tell. service base URL needs to be https://auth.vatsim.net not your domain. It might be worth looking at nested properties for the field mappings. Not sure how to do it as VATSIM doesn't have our own moodle service. There are several divisions that do so might be able to elaborate if they have achieved it. Matt
  2. After communications with our email provider, it turned out that a problematic sender also using the IP led to it going onto a reputable blacklist. This was not as the result of any emails that were being sent by VATSIM and the issues resulting in Microsoft domain based emails have been resolved as far as we can tell. Matt
  3. Hi Sarantos You should be able to use the built in, or any, OAuth2 module. Matt
  4. That system is being replaced with a new one currently in development.
  5. Hi guys, I'll reach out to them to investigate this further. Matt
  6. Thanks for the spot @Wildan Gunawan - I've updated that
  7. I'm hoping to have the fix out tonight. It's just going through some more testing before we release it publicly. To cover a few of the other points that have been raised since: Here's the challenge. Trying to appease to one part of the world while then damaging the other parts. No body can win and it will take both client and server updates for us to be able to move to a global ICAO based solution. Another thing we are trying to pull data on for other purposes and there's no reason not to share this information once we have it ourselves. This as note
  8. Hi everyone I've spoken to a couple of people in the loop already but want to clarify for everyone else's benefit as transparency is critical at this point. There was some disconnect in information in how clients would support this and I apologise to those, especially in the US, as to how this has impacted you. Modernising the network is a big thing for everyone, we all want flashy new things and to get there takes baby steps. This was meant to be one of them but hasn't gone quite as well as we might have hoped 😞 Obviously we need to find a solution, even just a temporary
  9. Ah @Calum Stevens we've got a wider technical issue with the reactivate. 10 mins after you did it, it removed your active status. I have manually flagged you as active again as I can see the issue in logs. Please try to connect to the network before 2300Z to ensure this doesn't carry on overnight and I will work on a fix right away.
  10. Hi all I appreciate the time that this has been posted but I wanted to provide an update on how pilot ratings are handled on the technical front after the change to the pilot ratings. I have tried to keep this change as minimal as possible to alleviate any immediate impact and I expect that in the coming weeks we'll have a complete change to how we return ratings in our API endpoints but more information to follow. VATSIM is continuing to use a bitmask value, this historically has allowed members to hold a P1, P2, P3 and a P5 or a selection of some and not others. The change to
  11. Hi Brian, There have been no changes to the server or way METARs are output. The image you've attached isn't viewable so can you share it directly in the forum here and I can look further. Matt
  12. This was due to an issue is some dodgy data in the feed. This has since been corrected and is all functional again. Matt
  13. The website is now back up and running with the original links working.
  14. Download and install the VRC font from http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/files/VRC.ttf
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