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  1. Is what it says when you pass the P0 exam. On the support page, and duplicate page in myVATSIM it says
  2. Spamming the forum doesn't get anything accelerated. You've only read the material. You have not completed (and passed) the New Member exam as described on the last page. On this page, you will also see both your previous attempts.
  3. You opened 2 tickets. One was closed with a reference to the other ticket. I have asked the guys responsible to re-check it. Matt
  4. There were some ongoing issues in DigitalOcean which holds the files before we serve them back over the data endpoints. Best idea is to check the status page as that will be the first place any ongoing errors will be commented. VATSIM Network Status
  5. I've removed the requirement for the alternate. I didn't add this, I've enquired why it was added as a required field as it was left blank exactly for the reasons you have detailed. Matt
  6. Hi Alec Your account is currently inactive. Please go here myVATSIM to reactivate it, give it a few hours to propagate through the system and you will be good to go! Matt
  7. Following internal tech team communications, and a discussion I had with Gunnar yesterday evening, we have extended the EOL date to the 1st March, with the potential to extend to the 31st if deemed absolutely necessary. With staff in the Development Discord, there are several solutions being created by the community that will be shared by VATSIM when they are complete, to aid in the transition and to provide a quick solution for access to the feed. These changes have full approval of the Board of Governors. I, nor anyone, can or should be expected to check or know of every singl
  8. We're investigating this now @Daniel Roesen
  9. 820 slots 1675 requests Half of them won't have got a slot. Those who didn't will be prioritised in March to give them some chance.
  10. From what I can tell. service base URL needs to be https://auth.vatsim.net not your domain. It might be worth looking at nested properties for the field mappings. Not sure how to do it as VATSIM doesn't have our own moodle service. There are several divisions that do so might be able to elaborate if they have achieved it. Matt
  11. After communications with our email provider, it turned out that a problematic sender also using the IP led to it going onto a reputable blacklist. This was not as the result of any emails that were being sent by VATSIM and the issues resulting in Microsoft domain based emails have been resolved as far as we can tell. Matt
  12. Hi Sarantos You should be able to use the built in, or any, OAuth2 module. Matt
  13. That system is being replaced with a new one currently in development.
  14. Hi guys, I'll reach out to them to investigate this further. Matt
  15. Thanks for the spot @Wildan Gunawan - I've updated that
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