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  1. From the other side though Matt, it's also a slap in the face of those who stick with the home division's training queues to see someone transfer out to come back very quickly. While VATSIM wins because that visiting/transferring controller now wants to stay, you lose people because they get sick of seeing the "queue jumping" transfers when they don't want to do it themselves.
  2. This ^ ...and this ^ Unfortunately, the standard of Visiting Controllers in some areas has been pretty poor. I haven't put in hours of observing, training, learning documents (and subsequently helping to produce them) for someone to come charging in and make a mockery of this because they hold the same rating as me (or lower!). I've seen people transfer out to beat my Division's queues to immediately come back and control at their new rating as a visitor with no requirement to check their knowledge or skill in the very different airspace that my Division has to elsewhere. The
  3. My last vPilot PDC came from a GND controller with three aircraft on the ground. it came within 30 seconds of me logging onto the network so was still powering the aircraft up which means that by the time I was ready, it had expired. I get the reasoning for busy CTR controllers, I don't get the reasoning for people who're quiet.
  4. 👆 This... If I want PDC, I'll request it. it should not be mandatory
  5. I'm sure Ross will provide a more full (correct?) explanation however the way VATSpy reads the data is to look at anything prior to the first underscore and display from that. So in the case of any of the LON sectors, it will only see LON_ and not LON_SC, LON_W or any others and therefore draw the full EGTT sector as it would be open as LON_CTR (London Bandbox). Ideally, you'd need the individual sector splits for any sector however you then get into relief callsigns. So what happens if the relief callsign simply isn't a double underscore before the CTR part of the callsign? You'
  6. The frequency at the top right isn't in a blue colour so you're not connected to the controller. I see you have your avionics off there - what happens when you switch them on? Does the frequency numbers now change to a blue colour?
  7. Alistair, always happy to help out those who are looking to, and and are willing to learn and will always give some feedback, hints, tips and advice via a PM while you're flying if you want any... May not be about so much the next 2-3 weeks due work but if you see me on LON_W_CTR on VATSpy (other tools are available!) then feel free to drop in and ping me any questions that would help with your flight via a PM before you get going.
  8. How short is short a period Mats? Did you mean last night for a short period or a short period of days as, like I said, it's been happening with regularity.
  9. I wouldn't have an issue with him at 4,000ft outside of the airways structure as per his plans as he's only likely going to interact with VFR traffic except when transiting a CTA/CTR. If he was filing airways then I'd ask for 3 or 5,000ft.
  10. 1. Generally speaking if you're flying IFR you would be looked upon as flying a SID. However, if you're in an Arrow, the likelyhood is if there's other traffic going to be departing around the same time you'll get in the way. As a regular controller at Bristol/SW England, I'd actually ask you if you want the SID or not then, if not, give you a non-standard clearance to get you out the way of any following traffic. That may involve flying a particular heading first to get you clear of the departure track rather than DCT. 2. Once you're north of the Bristol Controlled Airspace, you'd b
  11. Can't find an email address or way to report this however once again the datafeed at cluster.data.vatsim.net is showing as out of date: This seems to be happening with a greater frequency over the past week than it has done for some time.
  12. There's been repeated data server issues over the last day or two (the feed is currently over 30 minutes out of date here) so may not be a VATSpy issue... Also make sure you run the installer as Admin...
  13. Thanks for your continued work on the program Ross. Can we get an option to add/remove columns from the display please, or at least the ability to resize columns with no minimum width? The addition of the pilot ratings column means when I have all my tools positioned on the relevant monitor that I can't see the ETA column without scrolling. For me, I'm not interested in Pilot Ratings so have no desire/need to see these and I'm sure there will be many others who have no need for these either. Additionally, unless the width of the main program window is sufficient, that column won't
  14. Sorry Torben, but if you're happy with aircraft being handed off 20 miles inside your sector at 10,000ft too high then you put up with that "limitation". Even if there's no "knowledge" solution to agreed levels with neighbouring sectors, the tools are there. Sector files have agreements built in, with handover levels available in the tags. If they can't see those agreements in the tags/lists, then there's a fundamental issue with the training/documentation as this should be expressed very clearly to encourage goodwill between EC controllers and local Area controllers. I once t
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