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  1. Thanks for your continued work on the program Ross. Can we get an option to add/remove columns from the display please, or at least the ability to resize columns with no minimum width? The addition of the pilot ratings column means when I have all my tools positioned on the relevant monitor that I can't see the ETA column without scrolling. For me, I'm not interested in Pilot Ratings so have no desire/need to see these and I'm sure there will be many others who have no need for these either. Additionally, unless the width of the main program window is sufficient, that column won't
  2. Sorry Torben, but if you're happy with aircraft being handed off 20 miles inside your sector at 10,000ft too high then you put up with that "limitation". Even if there's no "knowledge" solution to agreed levels with neighbouring sectors, the tools are there. Sector files have agreements built in, with handover levels available in the tags. If they can't see those agreements in the tags/lists, then there's a fundamental issue with the training/documentation as this should be expressed very clearly to encourage goodwill between EC controllers and local Area controllers. I once t
  3. STC actually stands for Scottish Terminal Control - the airspace over Central Scotland or Northern Ireland (depending on any middle letter or not). London sectors are either: LON_!_CTR (higher, wider area control) or LTC_!_CTR (the lower level airspace over the SE of England) *where ! is an identifying letter. LTC_E_CTR is lower level to the east of London: Some sectors don't show on that page as they don't get opened except when busy. Some sectors are not allowed to be opened until another overlying sector is open. LTC_E_CTR is one such position - it shouldn
  4. I have a three monitor setup, VATSpy runs on monitor 3. If I close it then re-open it works fine. Using a GTX960 with driver version 461.09
  5. Yes, and many other regions around the world.
  6. Was removed in the latest update as apparently it was confusing some people... 🤷‍♂️
  7. The first instruction was "when ready, descend FL120 to be level by TNT" So yes, at your TOD point descend be level 120 at or just before that point (not descend now and be level 40 miles before as some people do! 🙄😂 ) His second instruction was: "speed 180 until 10DME" it then sounds like he wasn't sure whether it was read back correctly hence why he asked you "just confirm it's 10DME, 1 0 DME"
  8. When a controller gives you track miles such as on this occasion, it's to allow you to plan your descent accordingly. These are used to aid in providing a Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) to traffic inbound to an airfield rather than have you perform a rapid descent then fly level for a period before another descent etc.
  9. But for some it is essential. VATSIM has deaf members of the community, those who work from home or live with people who work shifts so sitting talking isn't always convenient for these people. There is no CoC rule that states you HAVE to use voice UNICOM although it's preferred. Until such time as the above uses are discriminated against by a CoC change (not going to happen), then text transmissions will need to be monitored by all.
  10. First up, do we know exactly how GFO is going to work for VA's? We don't - there's been no information in it in any way shape or form. However, given the larger number of pilots than airframes, I'd suggest/hope that the same reg will be available in different "groupings" otherwise how do you get a VA to join up? So you'd look for BAVirtual airframes and see where the last BAV pilot left G-MEDJ then fly one of the schedules from there. This would allow more than one "BA" VA to have control over it's own airframes, while those who want to fly a BA airframe outside of a VA can from a "ma
  11. If you choose to leave an aircraft somewhere that's not a destination on that VA's schedules, potentially through a divert, I'm sure the VA will, like the airline, add a flight number to the schedule to pull it out and either onto it's planned destination or to another airport for maintenance...
  12. Hopefully, given that this is just the repaints that are affected and not the models, VATSIM will reach out to the VAs for their support in provided replacement paints and put together a long-needed package of their own.
  13. Still getting this all afternoon today
  14. Yeah, that sounds about right! I searched on https://stats.vatsim.net for the callsign. Then checked to see who had last logged on on that date and Jonas was the only name that came up - which tied in with my recollection of seeing who was on from VATSpy.
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