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  1. Fraser has replied here: https://community.vatsim.uk/topic/37098-sr-71-transponder-on-vatsim/ Simply put, if it doesn't have one in the cockpit (or it's not modelled to work), then type: .x 1234 (including the preceding period - numbers as given) ...to set the squawk code given by ATC. xSquawkBox should also have a Mode C button on it
  2. Check the post times before you give incorrect reasonings - this post was made over 12 hours BEFORE the Cloudflare outage...
  3. If he's been having that issue all week then it's not a Cloudflare issue... I get the issue as well - it's down to you internet connection having momentary issues so the voice server loses connection. Your internet may not actually go down but you'll still have that issue,
  4. I suggested you post here purely to highlight the issue to the tech team as it appears to be a recurring problem (I experience this at least once an hour). Hopefully they'll see this and check their logs to determine the issue...
  5. Pilot Alertness = being awake I assume...
  6. Did you right click the installer and Run as Administrator?
  7. In ES go to: Other Set > Settings File Setup Are the file paths in the 'File name' box correct? Do they have a valid path to the files from the UK pack? In Windows Explorer, navigate to one of these file's location and right click on on it then select 'Properties'. Is the Read Only box ticked or unticked?
  8. Check your Settings File Setup dialogue - do the files exist in those locations? Is that folder writable or read only?
  9. As I replied over on the VATSIM UK Forums, you can't - it's all fed off a cluster that does this on a regular basis... You just need to wait a minute and try again. However, to add to your post for the VATSIM tech team, I also get this on a regular basis. I have VATSpy running constantly through the day on the FS PC and this message pops up with an irregular frequency but regular enough to be several times a day, sometimes for longer stretches than a few minutes.
  10. Was waiting on this over on the UK forum 🙂 Have you tried searching for '0xc000007b' on Google - there's LOTS of results for what that may be and how to fix...
  11. AA is on the map?: Admittedly AC isn't however as AA and AC fall inside CAS, they would certainly come under top down control from STC_A, SCO_R, SCO_W, SCO_WD, SCO
  12. The Sectors page is currently being revamped (I've just commented on a draft copy). I think the map has been given an update also to add more airfields to it...
  13. Personally, I'll always try to give a service to airfields outside of Controlled Airspace where I can. If it's someone looking for a clearance to join controlled airspace on departure, I'll give that at a suitable time on the ground as the urgency is not there - it might be when they call, it might be when they're taxiing, it might be as they're lining up! It's whenever I've got that time to give it. However, giving a service on the ground is entirely dependant on whether we have a ground map in ES for the airfield in question. If we don't, I'll advise the pilot that I've no ground information, taxi and depart at their discretion. If someone's departing a small airfield and remaining outside CAS the whole way, I'll generally ask what service they're require when airborne and ask them to call me when airborne. I can then identify (if necessary) and provide that FIS as required. Anything inbound to an airfield outside of CAS will, for me, broadly follow the same principles. I'll give them a service outside of CAS but clearance to land will depend on what I can see (or not!) on my scope...
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