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  1. And if they give you any abuse back, screenshot that and provide that to the Supervisor as it will give them the ammunition they require to deal with something they can see rather than just a report.
  2. In the UK, generally speaking you'll be vectored from either the end of the STAR or at some point along it to final. It's rare for anyone to leave a pilot to navigate "their own way" to final. Obviously elsewhere the use of transitions is more prevalent. For these, despite the fact that I use the likes of PMDG/FSLabs for the majority of my flying, I still make sure I've got the relevant chart depicted on Navigraph Charts open on either the iPad or second monitor while I'm flying it as I can see the position of my aircraft as I'm flying the STAR/Transition and can see that: - I'm adher
  3. Fair point however if you watch your speed, even the heaviest of aircraft will manage. Generally, LHR controllers will give you: - 220 knots leaving the Holding fix (in this case LAM) - 180-200 knots for the "base" turn which may be an S bend rather than a straight base leg - 160 knots until 4DME If you go with those, particularly dialling the 180 speed in first before making the base turn so that it's slowing just before/as you make the turn, you should be fine. Completely agree - the number of times I've heard about how sure people are that they've got Scottish
  4. Oh @Bill Casey won't forgive you for saying he's from Scotland.... 😂 Us controllers have seen a number of issues with the default MSFS tubeliners. I had someone make 3 attempts at establishing on the ILS in the 787 the other day and it just wouldn't capture the localiser so he reverted to a visual approach. The SIDs/STARs in the FMC's are not 100% accurate out of the box either for some reason. Hopefully NavBlue will get this resolved soon or other companies will come in (such as Navigraph) and provide more accurate data for the FMCs to use. My advice would be to have a chart
  5. Hi Jim. First thing with that routing is it's missing the initial waypoint where you're looking to join the airways system. As N57 is the airway, the controller will need to know where you intend to join so that they can allocate the appropriate SID. For the UK, the best resource is the NATS Standard Route Document (SRD) which can be found in Excel Spreadsheet form on their AIP site here: Standard Route Document Looking at NX to PH, you've got a few route options based on levels: So in the case of departing via the N57, you would add TNT to your flight plan giving
  6. Depending on your routing, you may want to give VATSIM UK a nudge as there's no mention of it on their forum. There is a separate Manchester event on that day but at the moment, there's no rostering for SCO_CTR so you may not have this as no-one knows anything about it publicly...
  7. I always fetch the flight plan into vPilot so that if I ever have to leave the cockpit for long enough that it warrants a disconnect (or the occasionally spotty internet decides to have it's own break!), I can refile the plan at the press of a button if it's been dropped when I do get back online.
  8. Current charts for Malaysia can be found here: https://aip.caam.gov.my/aip/eAIP/2020-09-10/html/index-en-MS.html Can find all the Aerodrome charts in Section 3. I don't see one specifically for Radar 1 but then it doesn't necessarily follow that they're in sequential order - the numbering could be down to various different reasons...
  9. Radar 2 Departure: https://aip.caam.gov.my/aip/eAIP/2020-08-13/graphics/143520.pdf Basically, you'll be assigned headings and levels with your departure clearance as per the chart
  10. You're welcome! It was myself on Bristol Radar towards the end of the event and I recall you coming in. I'd say it's both - the controllers on when you flew are all a relaxed bunch, plus the South West of the UK is a far more relaxed area to control than around London! Plus, you followed the instructions perfectly so you're certainly getting the hang of it if you haven't got it already! Look forward to seeing you around there again soon
  11. On SCO_CTR the other evening, someone was unable to take a direct off the STAR they were on - no problem, gave a heading which took them overhead the point I wanted them to go to. Any controller will be the same, particularly if they know you're on MSFS with it's flaws at this time. Your friend is talking nonsense - they may have been kicked off in the past but not because they COULDN'T fly an instruction given, more likely they WOULDN'T fly an instruction given...
  12. Unfortunately I couldn't make this one as it clashed with another event that I was taking part in yesterday however BAV generally setup "slots" for departure when they do these. These tend to be 10/15 minutes apart so that there is spacing however we all know that generally goes to pot with different aircraft types at different levels! I'll certainly pass on a link to this thread in their forums - I'm sure they'll also wish to pass on their thanks for the service received.
  13. Yesterday's flight was between those destinations for a few reasons: - part of BAV's "goodbye" to the B747 fleet as the BA has retired the type now for good - LHR-PHL was the inaugural 747 route for BA (before carrying onto PIT - one of BAV's Training Managers was a flight deck member on that inaugural service In terms of the idea, it is a good one and BAV run a couple of events through the year that have a similar idea - they take a single day's schedule and create a day long event of it, so we have traffic moving all day in and our of LHR according to that schedule (with assoc
  14. Welcome and congratulations - and thanks to Joseph for the ATC on Kuwait the other day, didn't realise I was speaking to the new boss... 🙂
  15. Which I'm sure will become annoying for people who want to fly as AA516 using a GA aircraft and have no interest in flying "big tin" in an AAL livery. This brings in additional coding - is it IFR/VFR? Is it an airliner or something smaller? You could go round in circles on this - I'd rather controllers make the suggestion if the pilot calls up as American.
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