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  1. When a controller gives you track miles such as on this occasion, it's to allow you to plan your descent accordingly. These are used to aid in providing a Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) to traffic inbound to an airfield rather than have you perform a rapid descent then fly level for a period before another descent etc.
  2. But for some it is essential. VATSIM has deaf members of the community, those who work from home or live with people who work shifts so sitting talking isn't always convenient for these people. There is no CoC rule that states you HAVE to use voice UNICOM although it's preferred. Until such time as the above uses are discriminated against by a CoC change (not going to happen), then text transmissions will need to be monitored by all.
  3. First up, do we know exactly how GFO is going to work for VA's? We don't - there's been no information in it in any way shape or form. However, given the larger number of pilots than airframes, I'd suggest/hope that the same reg will be available in different "groupings" otherwise how do you get a VA to join up? So you'd look for BAVirtual airframes and see where the last BAV pilot left G-MEDJ then fly one of the schedules from there. This would allow more than one "BA" VA to have control over it's own airframes, while those who want to fly a BA airframe outside of a VA can from a "ma
  4. If you choose to leave an aircraft somewhere that's not a destination on that VA's schedules, potentially through a divert, I'm sure the VA will, like the airline, add a flight number to the schedule to pull it out and either onto it's planned destination or to another airport for maintenance...
  5. Hopefully, given that this is just the repaints that are affected and not the models, VATSIM will reach out to the VAs for their support in provided replacement paints and put together a long-needed package of their own.
  6. Still getting this all afternoon today
  7. Yeah, that sounds about right! I searched on https://stats.vatsim.net for the callsign. Then checked to see who had last logged on on that date and Jonas was the only name that came up - which tied in with my recollection of seeing who was on from VATSpy.
  8. Who says they're jumping on just because they've noticed someone on final? Maybe they've booked ATC from a specific time onwards? maybe they've just found they have an hour or two free and want to jump on? As a controller, I never jump on because I see someone on final and I'd imagine that the majority, particularly those on higher ratings, don't either.
  9. @Jonas Hey 1286129 was on MAN_CTR last night from just before 2000 until just after 2100. I remember you overflying Dublin as I was flying in there so that timeframe fits...
  10. Could there be a "central" way that Regions/Divisions can update the sector names and/or frequencies and VAT-Spy will read that rather than the local file? Of course, this would only work if they matched the FIR boundaries list...
  11. There are also occasions where a double underscore is used, i.e. LON_N_CTR handed over to LON_N__CTR
  12. Thinking way outside of the box here Ross but could there be some recognition of the frequencies which may help with the sector being covered?
  13. And if they give you any abuse back, screenshot that and provide that to the Supervisor as it will give them the ammunition they require to deal with something they can see rather than just a report.
  14. In the UK, generally speaking you'll be vectored from either the end of the STAR or at some point along it to final. It's rare for anyone to leave a pilot to navigate "their own way" to final. Obviously elsewhere the use of transitions is more prevalent. For these, despite the fact that I use the likes of PMDG/FSLabs for the majority of my flying, I still make sure I've got the relevant chart depicted on Navigraph Charts open on either the iPad or second monitor while I'm flying it as I can see the position of my aircraft as I'm flying the STAR/Transition and can see that: - I'm adher
  15. Fair point however if you watch your speed, even the heaviest of aircraft will manage. Generally, LHR controllers will give you: - 220 knots leaving the Holding fix (in this case LAM) - 180-200 knots for the "base" turn which may be an S bend rather than a straight base leg - 160 knots until 4DME If you go with those, particularly dialling the 180 speed in first before making the base turn so that it's slowing just before/as you make the turn, you should be fine. Completely agree - the number of times I've heard about how sure people are that they've got Scottish
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