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  1. Here is some basic information about the Auto-Tools docomeent: Q: What is Auto-Tools? A: The Auto-Tools docomeent contains information about using automated scripts to access VATSIM CERT information. Q: Who can use Auto-Tools? A: Auto-Tools access is available to Staff of Regions or Divisions. Access is not permitted for FIR/ARTCC/vACC or Virtual Airlines. Q: How can I get the Auto-Tools docomeent? A: Send your request to the VP-Membership ([email protected])
  2. I think it's ultimately going to be an ARTCC-level decision. My personal opinion is that it would be cool to get switched to CTAF instead of TWR after-hours just like I do when I'm flying at night real-world.
  3. Uhh... STMP is the real world parallel... and it's too early yet to say if the FAA will create a STMP for the Super Bowl, but it's likely given the complexity of the central Florida airspace.
  4. Careful with who you direct that one at... the VATSIM President is agreeing with those of us who say it makes more sense to post the newsletter on the website If no one visits the VATUSA website to look at posted material, how/why are they going to visit the VATUSA website to sign up for an e-mail? It makes more sense to post the newsletter on the website, advertise that fact here, and let anyone read it without subscriptions, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]words, and more e-mail.
  5. Not that it matters much to me either way, but I agree with Bryan, Fred, and the others. Why not just link it on the VATUSA website? Since I have admin access to most of the Certificate Server, I prefer to not have my VATSIM p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word on file anywhere other than places directly linked to the VATSIM servers. Division websites have been hacked a number of times in the past, and I don't need my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word getting out because it was stored in a file somewhere.
  6. It sounds like in this case you weren't very busy so the non-standard altitude wouldn't have been a problem. So what happens when you really, actually, need another controller to do something that is considered "standard" and they refuse to do it because "the SOP/LOA doesn't say I have to"? You saying you don't think APREQs are a necessary thing for VATSIM controllers to know?
  7. That works, to an extent... but pilots will come to expect a certain level of skill and realism from the controllers. If they stop getting that excellent service on a consistent basis, they will probably find somewhere else to fly. I think it comes down to technique vs. procedure. Each controller's technique (how they work the airspace, prioritize, etc) is different, and that's a good thing. It lets us show our personalities and do the things that work well for us. There should be room for controllers to put their own technique on things. Procedures however, need to be set in writi
  8. "Delta 123, this is Chicago Center, a division of Indy Center Corp, sponsored by Boeing, ask about financing on a new triple seven, radar contact!" Sounds a lot like the current FSS: "Thank you for calling the XXXX Automated Flight Service Station, provided by Lockheed Martin, please hold, as all specialists are busy" "[email protected]$&%&"
  9. This is where I would love to see VATSIM end up! No more logins... just log in with your CID in your ARTCC, and then select the sectors you're working. The pilot only needs to tune the proper freq on the chart and he'll come up on one of the freqs you're working. That would be very realistic as frequencies are combined all the time real world (i.e. pilots may be transmitting on 4 different freqs, but the same controller is responding to all of them). If we could just get this and standardized display of thunderstorm activity with weather radar, I would be one very happy controller
  10. Just a somewhat off-topic question... what can you tell me about the proper procedures for filing and flying under IFR without an operating transponder (real world)? Do you think it's possible? Why/why not?
  11. I guess that's your decision to make when you're the one controlling. Otherwise, I would hesitate to question the decision of other controllers who were actually working the sectors involved. Sometimes it doesn't take all that much traffic to fill a sector, especially if you throw in several pilots who are having difficulty complying with instructions.
  12. Not sure about 4, but I know that (at least) SLC and ANC need multiple vis centers to cover all areas that have radar coverage real world.
  13. Just to clarify one thing per the Code of Conduct... you may declare and emergency or simulate a NORDO without asking permission, BUT if asked to discontinue by the controller, you must comply or continue offline.
  14. Please join me in welcoming Pablo Davalos as the new Membership Manager for Central and South America! Pablo is a VATSIM Supervisor and is currently serving as VATMEX2. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Once again, congratulations to Pablo, and thanks to all who applied!
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