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  1. Thanks Nestor! I kinda got a little snarky with a pilot. He was a text pilot and was having this issue and I kept trying to give him headings to vector him for approach, but by the time I could get him a heading, he would disconnect and reconnect, and that heading would no longer work. Such a mess!
  2. That is a good point. I'll try telling the pilots that next time we run into an issue
  3. The idea behind disconnecting users from VATSIM if they can't maintain an acceptable frame was a good idea. However, it has created a very different huge issue for controllers. When pilots keep disconnecting and reconnecting, they pop up all over the place and where there was no traffic before hand, now creates a traffic conflict. This might not be a huge problem in enroute space, but in a finals box or an approach pattern, this just doesn't work. I had a text pilot today as I was working Miami approach that kept reconnecting. He was a text pilot. I would give him a heading to fly to intercept the localizer, but he would get disconnected, so he wouldn't get it. By the time he would reconnect that heading would no longer work so I would have to keep spinning him. My suggestion would be if a pilot is disconnected for lack of frame rates, then they wouldn't be able to reconnect for a period of time to avoid these issues.
  4. Sorry it took so long to respond, I had to wait for it to get corrupted again. So I've turned everything off under the view menu except the minimal items I need to work top down approach and it's freezing when I open VRC.
  5. Hello, I was flying tonight over in Australia. Received a private message from ML-TBD center to contact him on frequency. He told me 128.200 while xpilot was showing 125.300. I tried contacting him via both frequencies and received no voice traffic or text messages on either. The AFV map was showing me (UPS5040) has being on no frequency. I tried restarting the client multiple times, but this did not fix it. I tried the .tx com1 and .rx com1 commands but this didn't work either. My plane was the SSG748 version 2
  6. I know I've posted a topic about this earlier, but I desperately need someone to tell me why my VRC profiles keep getting corruped. I'm sick and tired of them working fine one day, then all of a sudden I can't open them, or VRC freezes while opening them. Sure. I can rebuild them, but that takes a lot of time and effort I am sick and tired of going through every month. Can someone please get back to me on why this is happening and what I can do about it?
  7. Is it normal for xpilot audio to get randomly louder, like when approaching a transmitter site for a controller? I keep having to adjust my volume levels during a flight on the same frequency. It's like it's fine one minute, and then all of a sudden the controller and anyone else on frequency gets louder exponentially
  8. trying to load KMIA ATIS and we keep getting ATIS bot: PUT api/v1/bots/KMIA_ATIS failed (internal server error - 'Bot server failed) This happens to every controller trying to do an ATIS for KMIA
  9. Nvidia 1070TI. Also, I was finally able to load the profile, but I had to open 5 different profiles first one at a time before the one I needed would open properly.
  10. Ross, I'm sorry I forgot I had posted this issue. The issue went away for awhile but now it's back with a completely different sector file for different ARTCC. I created a google drive folder with all that information in the ZDC folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YrqIal8VkYMCTiefRFx6or-9o05D7pbD
  11. I've been running into an ongoing intermittent issue where when I try to load a saved profile, the software refuses to load the main VRC window. If I go into task manager, the software the task VRC.exe is is running. Unfortunately this forces me to constantly rebuild profiles for different positions. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. I'm having an issue where pilots are reporting the ATIS is breaking up. I'm noticing than my issues are when another controller has previously put up an ATIS for a facility and then signs off later and when I take over the facility, I put one up of my own and the ATIS is reported to have broken transmission. Any idea what is going on or a work around?
  13. So I'm having a peculiar issue with VRC now for the second time. One of my profiles, in this case TPA_TWR keeps getting corrupted. I can open other profiles fine, but now when I load TPA_TWR, the main interface window won't open. Second, If I try to load another one first, then TPA_TWR, VRC goes completely unresponsive and crashes. Any ideas?
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