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  1. BEFORE LOGIN CHECKLIST Ensure your navigation data (charts, FMS procedures, etc.) and all your 3rd-party addons are up to date. Use a flight planner to determine your route of flight and your fuel load. SimBrief and PFPX are two popular tools for flight planning, and I believe they both support the North Atlantic Track (NAT) releases. Make sure your PC is up for the task. If necessary, reboot Windows before loading up the sim. Prepare or partially prepare a midflight caffeine booster, such as an espresso or tea.
  2. The difference is completely noticeable on those AI models with animated components. Thank you for implementing this feature.
  3. What am I looking for here? There's a number of instances where the client receives information about an aircraft that switches back and forth between "true" and "false", most of which gets rejected because the aircraft is not recognized.
  4. Thanks for making this update, Ross. Here's a log from one of my recent flights on the BETA. http://www.mediafire.com/download/pn1kck3t1ak03do/Debug-20150113164130.zip
  5. If I understand this correctly, you are getting the same error whether you open the software via the shortcut or by navigating to the actual folder and launching the software correctly? Does this happen with any other program?
  6. A newer version of the .NET framework won't help you one bit if the software was built on an older framework. You should still repair your .NET 3.5.
  7. Did you install the latest SimConnect? Be advised that the native simconnect in FSX:SE is the old, outdated one. You should also install Pete Dowson's FSUIPC4.
  8. Ross, I completed a flight on the USA-E server and received one timeout deletion with no reconnect by the timed-out aircraft. I will test this more extensively tomorrow or Friday during scheduled events so I can see how vPilot handles heavy traffic on the USA-E server.
  9. Ross, thank you for the feedback. USA-E has had connectivity problems in the recent past, particularly during periods of heavy load. I will try connecting to USA-N and get back to you with my observations. EDIT: On my last flight, I was connected to USA-C, not USA-E, as I had previously [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed. A quick test showed that USA-E is the best server in terms of ping time, so I will try that going forward. USA-N no longer exists in the server list.
  10. I didn't observe any unusual events last night, however while I was loading at Zurich today, I noticed a few aircraft were deleted due to timeout and reloaded shortly thereafter. I also noticed a few TCAS events corresponding to new aircraft being spawned at a point close to me laterally but far from me vertically. Here's an example which triggered TCAS: [16:34:14.003] Aircraft deleted - Callsign: OE-KFI - Reason: Timeout [16:34:14.032] Aircraft deleted - Callsign: D-ESLM - Reason: Timeout [16:34:14.087] Requesting controller info: EDDK_GND [16:34:14.111] Aircraft discovered: D-ESLM -
  11. I will try that tonight. I'll be joining in the AvA group flight so I should have plenty of traffic to observe.
  12. This is in reference to another thread which I posted in the wrong forum (oops ). Basically what happens is, I'd be cruising along and I'd get a TCAS warning. When I look at the NAV display, either the traffic is offscale, or it's reporting an altitude of 9900 below me and climbing at an impossible rate to its true altitude. Most recently, I got a TCAS warning for an aircraft in the Los Angeles cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace which turned into a TCAS RA. When I informed LA_CTR, they said there was no traffic within 3000' of my aircraft. I have not experienced this kind of behavi
  13. TAFs for KSFO and EGCC: KSFO 110314Z 1103/1206 30006KT P6SM FEW003 BKN150 FM110500 29003KT P6SM FEW010 SCT100 FM111000 VRB03KT 4SM BR BKN006 FM111700 VRB03KT 6SM HZ FEW005 BKN012 FM112100 32005KT 6SM HZ FEW005 SCT012 TAF EGCC 102300Z 1100/1206 26015KT 9999 SCT035 TEMPO 1100/1106 25020G35KT 7000 SHRA BKN014 PROB30 TEMPO 1100/1106 4000 SHRASN BKN006 PROB40 TEMPO 1112/1124 25020G30KT BECMG 1200/1203 20015KT TEMPO 1200/1206 19025G35KT PROB40 TEMPO 1200/1206 8000 -SHRA Departure is at 0500 local time, so noise abatement departure procedures are in effect. Exp
  14. American Virtual Airlines is hosting Superhaul Sunday this weekend. Join us as we fly our biggest birds from San Francisco (KSFO/SFO) to Manchester (EGCC/MAN). Departure time is 1300Z on Sunday January 11. Anyone is welcome to join us. Where: San Francisco/KSFO to Manchester/EGCC When: Sunday, January 11, 2015 departing at 1300Z (8:00 AM EST | 7:00 AM CST | 6:00 AM MST | 5:00 AM PST) Duration: Expect 10 hours in the air Route: TBD (NAT data not released), odd flight levels over the continent AvA pilots: Tim Both (AAL1) has lifted the CAT restriction for this event and permitted the
  15. FSRealTime is an external application which requires Peter Dowson's FSUIPC to function.
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