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  1. Hi! Thanks for your reply. I will aim to arrive between 1200Z - 1500Z to increase my chances. Cheers, Andrej
  2. Hello, I am planning a flight to Singapore and would like to know, what are the usual timings for ATC to be online? I would then coordinate my flight accordingly. 🙂 Planned flights Saturday / Sunday. Thanks! Andrej
  3. Hello, Is there any preferred NAT for “adhoc” traffic? I understand all negatives regarding flying without a slot, but in the past such information was available. Thanks!
  4. This obstruction that was stated here can be nicely seen on a following video. This is CAT I landing, and there is an airplane taking off from the same runway. You can see how "wobbly" LOC is, that is caused by airplane taking off. Hence why LVPs are in place. Best!
  5. Hello, for past two days, I receive this error. I tried installing 1.2 and 1.3 versions. I tried connecting via my normal provider and via ExpressVPN (via hot spot from my mobile). At any instance, I am getting kicked out of the network, after being connected for maximum of 1 minute. This is an error message I get: Network error: Client authentication response timeout Is there any way to fix this or am I basically out of luck? Do note that xPilot worked without issues prior to this for several days. Thanks! Andrej
  6. Hello, I am in the UAE as well (Dubai, Etisalat is my provider) and from this 21:00 local time, I am unable to join VATSIM. Same issues. VPN is not an option (ExpressVPN website is blocked). Funny thing is that this afternoon, connection to VATSIM was fine. Best!
  7. Hi Ryuki, thanks for the response. I was away from VATSIM for a while, but I am planning to return to active flying. I will check the website and will plan my next flight to Tokyo accordingly. Cheers, Andrej
  8. Richard, excellent work! Work of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion. I know that a lot of effort and time went into this. I appreciated it a lot! Cheers, Andrej
  9. Andrej Lippay

    Tokyo ATC

    Hey all, when is the best time to fly to/from Tokyo? I would like to fly to RJTT one of these days (from EDDK) and it would be great to experience live ATC. Is the information regarding Regular Events still accurate (http://www.vatjpn.org/en/events-regular.php)? If not, any information/tips is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andrej
  10. Hi Josh and Sebastien, thanks for your answers. I should have stated earlier that SIDs and STARs are filled properly via PFPX. But I just wanted to focus on the route segment, hence I have left it out. Cheers, Andrej
  11. Dear Ryan and Evan, thanks for the clarification. Good to know! The DCT format is used in Europe as far as I am aware it is based on ICAO. I know that FAA format is different (as pointed out by Evan). Cheers, Andrej
  12. Hey all, say I am flying from Europe to the West Coast and jet routes will increase my overall trip length. Are there any rules on directs? Would respective ARTCCs be fine with a flight plan with directs? I know that European airspace is very limited and there are certain directs routes allowed. Here are samples of two flight plans: SONEB UP64 TENLI UL602 SUPUR UP1 GODOS P1 ROKAN N96 NEXUS UP59 BALIX DCT 62N020W DCT ELREX DCT 64N030W 65N040W 65N050W DCT CLAVY N898A MUSVA DCT YFB SCAG YBR J549 ISN DCT MLS DCT BPI DCT ODUCE J202 FFU DCT BLD J107 HEC and NVO Y868 SOGRI U
  13. Great suggestion. Only thing that may make this difficult is when you are handed over to APP during very busy time and the controller intends to give you instructions ASAP you contact him (not really the case here at VATSIM, unless there is some very big fly in event). Usually, whenever I am less than 100NM from my destination and I am able to pick up ATIS, I advise the controller. They never seem to have a problem. Cheers, Andrej
  14. I wholeheartedly agree that expect is not the same that you must follow the departure procedure to the letter. Nonetheless, if it states to expect something, I try to following it. Why? In case of a controller getting online, s/he may issue the clearance as expected. That's why. Each pilot's preparation is up to him, but the charts I have shared (screen shot) are readily available (first is Navigraph's charts and many of us here have access to it, the second is from airnav.com, but it is directly sourced from the FAA). IMHO, if you fly from/to any airport, you should have an access to the
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