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  1. Also, I turned of my firewall for a short period to check if the audioserver was blocked that way. But it still didn't work. vPilot can connect to the network, then when I double click a frequency it also says "connected to the voice server". When I tune a frequency (from a controller which is listed in vPilot), nothing happens. I have to double click on the controllers frequency in vPilot to be connected to the server. Should it connect automatically to the voice server when I tune the right frequency in MSFS?
  2. Hi, I previously used xPilot and X-plane 11, but since I've switched to MSFS 2020 I downloaded vPilot. I set everything up like I did with xPilot, but whatever I try (running vPilot in Administrator mode, changing sound settings in MSFS, changing sound settings in vPilot, trying every frequency near the frequency I want to reach), it doesnt work. Controllers cant hear me and I can't hear them. How is this possible? I thought vPilot is compatible with MSFS, or am I wrong? Thanks in advance! Stefan
  3. Thanks for the fast replies! I found my answers in the manual and the hotfix seems to have fixed the issue, so thanks for that Happy landings! Stefan
  4. Hey! Where can I find a manual for xPilot? There are some features I don't understand, for example: - When I double click on the controller in the controllers list it seems like it's switching frequency (the text windows shows the logon text) but the frequency both in X-Plane and xPilot (upper left corner) do not change. Tho when I change the frequency in X-Plane I do hear the other stations, but the ' logon text message' doesn't appear in xPilot or the in-game window. - When I log onto Vatsim, and the frequency is tuned to 122.800, I still hear sounds from the online controller in that a
  5. Thanks a lot for answering my questions and coming up with the suggestions! The JetNet-model (particial ownership) appeals me most, but I'm keeping my eyes and ears on other (virtual) private charter airlines. If anyone has some more tips/tricks, please post it below! Ciao! Stefan
  6. Hey! I have a wild idea to start a new VA just for pilots flying private jets, because when I started flying PJ I wasn't able of finding a VA that would give me flights/charter missions. Before I continu thinking about how I would design the VA: Are there any VA for PJ out there? And if you are a pilot flying PJ (all of the time, or just from time to time), would you join a VA specifically made for private/business jets? Thanks in advance! Ciao! Stefan
  7. Hey! I'm planning to buy a tiny headset to use for ATC comms when flying on Vatsim. Just a tiny question: is it possible (when both a set of speakers and a headset are plugged into my pc via a 3mm Jackplug) to let the audio from ATC (XSquawkbox) come out of my headset, and to let other sounds come out of my speakers? Currently all the sounds, including ATC, come from my speakers which sometimes makes it hard to understand ATC. F.e. when the background noise level is high. I don't have a separate soundcard built into my computer. Thanks in advance! Stefan
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