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  1. It's done, You helped. Thank you
  2. Yep, the dem folder is the same as yours. And it always freeze at "Loading DEM Data". But I think the most important is I can not close the error window, because the error window no-response, this maybe the reason why VatSys freeze at "Loading DEM Data"
  3. Wondering if anyone can help or has encountered this: Today I installed the VatSys but can not be lauched, there is an error window always opened and freezed when select any profiles. I've tried multiple profiles and have the same issue and also running vatSys "as admin". And there is no log file in \Documents\vatSys Files. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi Colin, Thanks very much for your quick response. The client software we developed is totally compatible with FSD servers, as FSD is an open-source software. VATSIM is also using FSD protocol, although modified. What I mean here that our software is able to connect to the VATSIM network (but it's not permitted by VATSIM). This is why here I'm seeking for the approval to this new client to the network, meanwhile, asking for tech. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant to connect the voice server, which has no public resource for the development. I couldn't find any thing related to NDA in the VATSI
  5. Hi, We designed a new client software that can connect to most of the FSD servers. The purposes of such development are for (1) Combining a QAR and Virtual airline report system (2) Providing Chinese UI as we are a huge community of Chinese players Currently, this client software is able to connect to VATSIM FSD servers, however, still requires the approval from the VATSIM administration board. Meanwhile, we want to also embed the voice communication function into our software. After a tuff searching on the resource, it seems we need to sign a NDA contract and use the API that VAT
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