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  1. Been using the above for quite a while now with no probs. The only thing that has never happened is the flight plan from Simbrief has never been sent to Vpilot I have always had to file it myself, any one any ideas thanks
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. I am not looking to alter the approach and departure both of which I understand the need to use unicom it is that two hour silence inbetween if there is ATC on line
  3. Windows 10 : P3Dv4.5 : Vpilot : Vox Atc: Oculus rift s: Running the above with native P3D VR. I have just come back to vatsim used to use Fsinn and mainly fly from EGPH to Europe but found that during the day atc was very sparse. During the last few years I have been using Vox atc but find it a little bit unrealistic especially at airports, no last minute runway change or holds. As vatsim requires you to use unicom when there is no ATC is there a way round this so I can still have ATC control via Vox when there are no controllers on line. I would like to stay with Vitim but even after al
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