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  1. Yeah, both American and Canadian credit cards have these numbers. Its not country specific.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for making ZAB's TGIF/FFC such a success! I was staffing that 'other' final approach sector that Michael was talking about. Personally, I had a bad night. First, my feeder approach partner must have been dropped from the server and did not return, creating havoc with the COYOT and BUNTR arrivals, I counted 26 aircraft in my sector at one point. After I resequenced the arrivals, the server gave me 'the boot' too, twice, and on top of all that, ASRC had 4 CTDs!! I'd like to dish out some props to Josh Rosard from Denver, he bailed me out when I was having problems. I eve
  3. Clear your date books, because both VCA's TGIF and AvA's Friday Fly-in' Circus will be flying into the Albuquerque ARTCC! TGIF: Phoenix, AZ's Sky Harbour Int'l (PHX) and Scottsdale, AZ (SDL) FFC: Phoenix, AZ's Sky Harbour Int'l (PHX) and Tucson, AZ (TUS) Tomorrow night (June 9th), full staffing, with approx. 20 qualified controllers, will be providing their services for all three airports! ZAB would like to invite pilots from all countries and all types of aircraft including VFR to fly in this event! In addition to domestic flights, Phoenix Sky Harbor services daily flights fr
  4. Well done Ryan! Hope to fly under your control soon in Seattle!
  5. Congrats Fred, as I've said before, you're the best candidate for this job! JM
  6. I've heard Cessna 3PM before in the states. Usually in Canada I hear, "Cessna Tango-Alpha-Mike is type 182/A blah...blah...blah" you get the point
  7. Watch what you're sayin' Richard I think our views up in the PNW may rival (or even beat! ) yours' down south!
  8. Congrats PB and good luck at USA!!! We know you'll do well!
  9. This is more or a story, rather than a question, but here it goes... I was working the center (live) the other day, with an approach controller. Things became quiet and my approach controller left. I was monitoring his freq and once he left I had forgotten to leave the voice room. I began hearing all of this traffic and instructions. I look at my scope...nothing....I look on ServInfo.....nothing. I thought I was going crazy! I checked the "liveatc" server list, and sure enough, our TA and a couple students were in the room, I figured it must be Sweatbox. My question...what happens when
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