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  1. Hi Evan, Many thanks for your reply, that makes things a bit clearer. Michael
  2. I have been using UT2 for my Ai traffic and now I have installed FLAi. Can I run them both together or do I have to uninstall UT2. Currently I have just gone into my sim and I cannot see any traffic at all although this is outside of Vatsim. Any help/comments would be appreciated. Michael
  3. I am recently installed P3D v4 but I cannot get UT2 traffic to show up in VPilot in respect of model matching even though UT2 is installed OK in the sim. I would appreciate any help/guidance please. Thank you in anticipation. Michael
  4. Thanks for your reply again. I was on the ground at Boston for a while before compillng my new flight plan as I was waiting for Vatstats to record my EGLL-KBOS flight but it did not happen. I think there is a problem somewhere else that is affecting it recording the data.
  5. Hi there,yes this my flight. My flight plan was London Heathrow to Boston. I completed my flight and landed at Boston on runway 33l and parked at the gate and actually been under the control of Boston Tower at the time. I then went into Vatstats and saw that my flight had not completed and that my aircraft was positioned still over the Atlantic but close to Newfoundland,very strange. Following this I then started another flight from Gander to Boston under the same flight number but I ended this flight before arrival. I do not understand why my original flight was not record
  6. I am wondering whether anyone is experiencing problems with the Vatstats site. I have today completed a flight from EGLL to KBOS,landed and parked at the gate but Vatstats showed my flight as un completed with my plane still over the Atlantic. Tonight I am doing another flight FBSK to FVHA and Vatstats is not even recording it. Just wondering whether anyone might throw some light on this issue.
  7. The problem now seems to be solved but not sure how it happened. Many thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks for your replies. However,on the plane the radio stack is set up properly as I do not get this issue at other airports,only EGLL. Further observations would be appreciated. Michael
  9. I have quite a strange situation. When in the 747 at EGLL when I tune my radio e.g. 122.80 in the plane's radio stack and I am signed into V Pilot the Comm1 in V Pilot does not change its frequency. Comm 2 does but I transmit on COMM 1. At other airports the Comm1 works fine as normal. Wondering why EGLL is causing me this issue. Any help/observations would be appreciated. Michael
  10. Many thanks for your reply and comments. Michael
  11. I currently use ASN 2016 as my weather engine and always fly in Live weather Mode and the weather is pretty accurate. However,within the ASN 2016 configuration I do not have Vatsim weather enabled. My question is basically should this setting be enabled or not. Would really appreciate clarification in relation to this. Many thanks in anticipation. Michael
  12. Yes, That was the reason,many thanks for your help. MIchael
  13. Thanks for your reply. I shall re check the flight number and come back. Michael
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