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  1. Hello to all We have implement a new LOA with ADRIA and run now in a big issue FIR_COPX:LOWW:*:*:*:*:LOVV·ACC-MURA·305·345:LDZO·LDZON·245·325:31000:*:BOARDER So basicly every departing A/C from LOWW via MURA area to LDZO, should receive FL310 as COPX the situation was following: an Aircraft was Departing LOWW with a requested FL380, ADR_CTR (next station) was online MURA area is the grey area southeast of route waypoint GRZ (with has on 3 sides green lights) So basicly the aircraft never wil cross that area, why he is still getting FL310 as COPX instead of RFL
  2. Just tested with the ZIBO 738 everything is fine, so it must be a problem with FF A320 also started a post about that in the Flightfactor forum, cause it seems not the problem of swift https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/187305-activate-transponder/
  3. Yep tried both, inside the airplane and also on Swift itself. Xplane 11.35 Flightfactor A320
  4. Hello Guys Just updated to the newest Swift client Is there a option to disable the automatic SQM C when airborn? cause acc. the new VATSIM COC I must set it to C when in motion. but this setting didn't allow me do set C on ground
  5. problem still exist. What also observed that people who installed a fresh installation of Euroscope are not able to get there sectorfiles due the missing download. we handle it at the moment by transfering an old providerlist, but always must be edit by notepad. when do you expect it to be fixed?
  6. Nestor not correct, cause website is up again but 404 still exist in Euroscope
  7. Any info why euroscope Homepage is down? needet the latest beta for our vacc.
  8. any News? nearly 2months with that problem wish you all nice christmas
  9. Dear developer First thanks for the nice piece of Software you gave to us. The new voice codec + it's features are (hopefully) near release. Did we, as sectorfileprovider must change anything for that? Cause I already spotted the Point of Setting up multiple frequences. Will that happen automaticly by the ownership of sectors, or how do you will solve it? Wish you all a nice evenning and a wonderfull new week Patrick
  10. Is confirmed by me using also topsky but also after deactivating of topsky, Nothing changed
  11. Just to confirm, only 4 Destination? Aren't there normaly 5 to 6?
  12. Have you downloaded latest Beta files? http://www.euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html cause on public Version there are some files missing for the automatic updater
  13. @Jonas thanks for checking the issue @Gergely You find Sectorfile and ISEC/Airway for Vacc Austria here: http://files.aero-nav.com/LOVV the scenario for Testing here https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkbz1ov6qbc3r%20...%204.txt?dl=0 What we already found is following waypoints: NEMAL, STEIN and if I remember correctly GEMKA
  14. Hi Jonas Shure made a short Simsession with 1 plane at LOWW Ground. As you could see ES didn't recognize NEMAL and STEIN https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkbz1ov6qbc3rxd/EuroScope20171214.txt?dl=0
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