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  1. Please vote: http://www.strawpoll.me/15917179/r HCF wants your opinion! We can do another Hawaii FNO... or a Guam FNO. Let us know your vote! The event will run from 2359z until 0400z.
  2. This looks like the right thread, but please correct me if I'm mistaken. What will it take to update the Honolulu airspace name and identifier for VATSPY? We want to replace: PHZH with HCF Honolulu FIR, USA with Honolulu Control Facility, USA HNL_CTR -> HCF_CTR Thanks in advance
  3. I no longer have the issue. I put the server files from ERAM in the config and it works fine.
  4. I am having the same issue as Justin. Press CTRL+S and the "Unhandled Exception" error pops up. Edit: I'm going to try to do what Justin said about using the ERAM servers...
  5. Thanks for this information, Zachary! Very good to joggle our ATC minds in areas that we generally don't step into. I was discussing this with a friend, Matthew Campbell (ZJX C1), and he mentioned that the example you used must be ZAB-specific, since certain areas of information slightly differed from the base 7110.65 phraseology example. We noticed in the 7110.65 that various examples of this phraseology include (or leave out) the moving direction of the weather, as well as the speed, tops, and depth. I'm [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming what you posted derived from the 7110.65 2-6-4,
  6. Maybe Teamspeak or Skype will make sense? PM me please and we will arrange a meeting. My timezone is UTC+7 PM Sent. I'm in UTC-6, so this should be interesting
  7. Left click on the field, right click - create sub field, double click on the field. Sorry for bringing up an old topic, but I could use some help. What exactly is a field, and how do you select it, and create a sub-field? Probably some easy explanation Forgive my ignorance.
  8. Memphis Center Memphis Approach Nashville Approach I use VRC, purely because it's easier to provide pilots with professional and helpful services pertinent to VATSIM. With vSTARS or vERAM, I find this to be especially challenging, mostly because these programs (in real life) are designed to be used in a position where various positions are under, adjacent, and below your sector. All IMHO.
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