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  1. There is already a neat training tool available in Euroscope: www.euroscope.hu. Many of the features that you requested are already built in. Maybe you want to give it a try! It can also give you some more inspiration for your training program. The Euroscope trainer hase some nice features such as: * the aircrafts fly along flightplans including departure and arrival procedures * you can preset delays for the aircrafts so that they will appear at different times during the sim session * the speed and descend profiles are highly realistic * a Tower simulator is also included An
  2. So sorry, but too less time to work on it.. Anyway - the download link should work . Cheers, TB
  3. Hey Dave, no, the next version is still in the make . I just started a new job (real life), and so my time is too limited to put much effort into ACSEdit. Your request for the next version is copied and will be implemented. Right now I can afford to work 1-2 hours per week on VATSIM stuff. Please be patient and don't expect a new version during May or early June. I hope that things will calm down during June so that I can dedicate more time to fun programming . Thanks for the input! Cheers, TB
  4. I also will use the sector file data in the next version. In the first place I was aiming to work without the sectorfile data, but the next version will have a chooser for calibration so that one can define the position of a fix without finding out the coordinates. For the next time, I would like to apologize to all non-Europe users: the program is probably of little use for you So sorry and very embar[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing . However, in the small centers in Europe it will work most likely with reasonable precision. Next version will be released after Easter if my family p
  5. Ross, thanks for the comment. No, you are not stating the obvious . Indeed, my program does only a very simple approximation of a flat earth between the two calibration points. I tried to keep it as simple as possible - but it seems best to extract this information from the sector file. Next version including this correction is on it's way. During my testing, this error never occured to me, since I tested it in Germany (latitude approximately 60 degrees - cos(60) = 0.5 ). Also on the screenshot posted above, the difference is small but visible. Sorry for any inconvenience - the next versi
  6. Weird! Apparently the calibration routine of my program does not work correctly anymore. I checked it several times, but for any reason, the aircrafts appear at different places than [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned in the sector file. Was there a software change on the sweatbox server? I'll try very hard to fix the problem. Stay tuned . Cheers, Thorbjoern
  7. Justin, can you please mail ([email protected]) me the screenshot that you are using, the two calibration points and the output file? I will try my best to find the flaw. Quick guess: make sure that you are entering West longitudes with a 'minus' sign, such as: -112.455? And also beware of the decimal point, no comma. I also found that some of the VORs in North America have the same three letter designator. Be cautious to use the right one . Thanks, Thorbjoern
  8. Dear colleagues, ACSim is really a great piece of work! However, I found it tedious to create the situation files using a text editor. Therefore I developed a small program which creates situation files based on a screenshot of the region of interest. Here is how it works: 1) you will need a screenshot of the airspace where you want to create a situation file. To do so, start ASRC, maximize the window and select the appropriate sector file. Show/hide all fixes, VORs, NDBs etc. as you like. Then use a screenshot tool to create a .tif file. I would recommend IrfanView since it allo
  9. Hi Joerg, actually things are getting better for X-Plane pilots. Although most airports in the X-Plane world are without correct taxiways, some users created VATSIM-compatible taxiways. If you are interested, I could make a list of airports in SAG land with accurate taxiways. X-Plane comes with a tool called WorldMaker, which allows to easily create and modify the ground layout of airports. In addition there is a small application around which uses ASRC sectorfiles to construct aprons, intersections, taxiways, gates and so on. The german-based LeipzigAir made a set of SAG airports wh
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