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  1. Hello, When is VATSIM going to be back online? Its just a random question because i was told that it would be down for a weekend and i am hoping to do flying. All those people in FSOpen are rude, and its impossible to do anything when admins are kicking you out for no reason. VATSIM is a very great hobby and i try to spread it to my friends. I am hoping to get back online soon because i got promoted the exact same day the server went down. Thanks I know this is a bad question but please answer kindly. ____________________________________________ Hadee Alh[Mod - Happy Thoughts]anaw
  2. Thanks. I guess i have to wait. Might explain why its been 12 hours and i haven't gotten the "Promotion" E-Mail and i am also unable to connect as a controller in VRC. I will attempt to do a flight in VATSIM soon but it might not work. Thanks again
  3. I try to sign in into VATUSA. I am a controller and i got my S1 yesterday. But today, whenever i try signing into VATUSA, it shows me "Log In Error". I need to log in to VATUSA to see if i got my rating on my account so i can start controlling as i have like 6 more days to do 3 hours. But it is not letting me in. I verify the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and the username. I also can log in into the forums. I have my rating S1 in my ARTCC. Thanks
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