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  1. I am concerned that despite the claims that Mac and Linux are supported, there seems to be no reasonable Audio for VATSIM client support for Mac or Linux. I can not find any reports of it working reliably in WINE. There are however mentions of people trying, or using things like Parallels and VMware to run a whole VM (which I can do, but is not a practical solution). I have experience in cross-platform application development and must mention WINE is not a solution for cross-platform support (it's an emulator). I don't think it's a good idea to claim Linux and Mac are supported when that suppo
  2. Thanks for the replies! What is the difference between pre-filing and a 'booking' then? How can I submit one of those?
  3. As per the topic, wondering how I can submit a plan more than two hours in advance? The official form at https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php doesn't seem to have a date field, and I do my planning in Little Navmap so the whole SimBrief thing seems unnecessary to me. Is there no official VATSIM flight-plan form I can submit a plan for 2+ hours in advance with?
  4. The AFV client does not work in Wine on Ubuntu in my testing either. Wine is not a practical solution anyway... I hope they don't forget about us Linux/Mac pilots :-/
  5. Unfortunately the AFV client doesn't work in Wine on Ubuntu for me - even with .NET, DirectX and other prerequisites in the environment, and Wine is not a practical solution for lack of platform support anyway. I suspect Mac users are facing similar difficulty. So instead of waiting for proper Linux/Mac support, I setup a Windows virtual machine (ugh) on a spare Linux box, and attached my USB headset to the VM. Then I made a small Python client/server app to remote-control the PTT button from my simulator via TCP/IP. It's a bit ugly, but it's better than relying on Wine... The code is
  6. Hello I discovered it difficult flying online with the default DAFIF-derived 5LNC database being out of date, missing fixes and generally embarr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing me by failing to do RNAV approaches, so I imported some VRC .sct2 file data into X-Plane's 5LNC database; earth_fix.dat - the new data is from AIRACs 1212 - 1309. It's a messy work-in-progress of python and bash scripts but, I hope to extend the coverage as time permits. Currently trying to complete the Asia-Pacific region. Download from X-Plane.org
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