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  1. Just as a suggestion, and if the map is being updated, is it worth highlighting those airfields which fall under the control of a CTR controller - that would reduce the confusion - well for me anyway!
  2. I must admit I've found this discussion both informative and fascinating. One of my points was that the LON or SCO controller, when asked about which aerodromes are under their control, will point you to the Sector Maps. So which do you take notice of - the maps or the lists beneath the maps? The following aerodromes are on the map but not on the list - Whilst EGAA is in the last but not on the map. I know that EGLF will be rectified. Jeff
  3. Many thanks for your replies Another one I'm not sure about is EGNC - it is not on the list and is shown on the map. The reason I ask is a couple of weeks ago I flew Blackpool to Carlisle, got a basic service from SCO_WD_CTR who told me he covered EGNC ATZ - a bonus, it's on the map but not on the list. Regarding controlled Class D airspace - Sandtoft seems to be a "Hokey Cokey" ATZ with one half in Doncaster's Class D CTR, but the lower 1500' of the other half is not. As far as I can see if I depart from 05 full length I will start in CAS but move into uncontrolled airspace up to 1500' but if I depart from 23 I'm straight into CAS as soon as I pass the end of the runway. I'm sure there'll be others. As I'm new to this and really want to get things right, it's back to the original question is there a list that London Controllers use to determine which ATZ's they have control over. I'm trying to create a list but am curious as to whether one exists Jeff
  4. Is there a list available containing all the aerodromes supported by the LON / SCO CTR's? When on the ground it is good to know if the controller on line gives VFR departure approval but sometimes I struggle to find out if the on line controller controls that ATZ. The VATSIM Areas UK Map normally referred to doesn't seem to contain all the controlled aerodromes on the list beneath it. To give the example of Farnborough which is on the map but not on the list beneath Hope somebody can point me in the right direction or is it just the case that if the aerodrome is the map, though not necessarily on the list, it is controlled by LON or SCO? Jeff
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