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  1. I think replies to the poster have been covered. The replies to the actual issue though have been a bit "thin" so here goes. ZNY held the event on the second floor of a restaurant owned by a member's father who graciously donated the space. We had to pay for our lunch and dinner, but aside from that there was no direct cost to ZNY. We took over the second floor of a restaurant, and the staff required to prepare food for and serve ~50 people from 12 pm - 6 pm on a Saturday, when the restaurant was open for business. We, essentially, cut the space available for him to serve customers
  2. BTW, is all this "hub ub" over this necessary? Can't you just leave it up to the ARTCC/FIR/VACC as to if they want them stdby or normal. VATSIM CoC only states:: Isn't this enough?
  3. Not needed to sq normal on ground. You can use "Ground" radar mode and even open a second window to open as Tower/Ground mode. Sq normal is not necessary at all.
  4. Retire already, Old Man. I was sick of being your Number 2 at ZNY all those years. Now I gotta do it again EVEN as ATM? Good team shaping up. I agree.
  5. Not sure who's the SB guru around VATSIM; however, there's an "issue" that may hold up ATC Training. On 1/1/08 we're all going to the new Global Ratings Standard adopted by the EC. However, it seems that the VATSIM SB server is set up to only allow C1 and above to host a session for training purposes. A lot of ARTCC/FIR/VACC's have Mentors at the S3 level that host DEL-TWR SB sessions. Once promotion to C1 is limited to CTR only, we're gonna have a LOT of Mentors than can't really do anything. Wondering if VATSIM has any plans to open up the SB server to S3 or is there any way we
  6. UNiversal Integrated COMmunications What I've always heard for it.
  7. True, the FP was realistic and the LoA isn't. Unfortunately... This isn't the real world. This is a group of ATC simulating...to the BEST of their ability...the real world. Maybe what is in the LoA here on VATSIM is what works best for THIS network. Perhaps the route the ARTCC's hammered out is what works best for them and the one off FlightAware (a GREAT site I agree) is best for what works with the traffic, flow, noise abatement, etc. there...in the RW. Unfortunately, the FP data on FlightAware is public domain and LoA's between ARTCC's are simply not public domain. Gettin
  8. I knew I had real data here somewhere. As mentioned, wait ~30 days and you'll save a BUNDLE on a better CPU... http://www.edn.com/index.asp?layout=article&articleid=CA6451862 http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aXLuplwhw8wM&refer=home
  9. I have heard that on 7/22, Intel will do some price dropping. A QUAD core will go from $500 to $270-ish. If you can wait a month...do so. That's what I'm doing.
  10. We have one on our site. I'm NOT sure if we were the "originators" or not, but you can find some examples at: http://www.nyartcc.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=114
  11. As a reply to my reply... the only question is how long will the USFIF last and will they ding that for some reason? I've heard 10/2007 the USFIF will go bye bye, but I've also heard that's only the FLIP and not the FIF. I'm guessing, they'll EVENTUALLY pull the "National Security" card at some point, but maybe some AOPA lobbying will do the trick. They seems to be pushing hard to keep that portion around.
  12. Ummm...this is COMPLETELY wrong information Google "USFIF" and you will find data for the US AIRAC cycle in a NUMBER of formats you can download for free. Here... The problem was the the original, totally free worldwide database we previously knew (DAFIF) was hosted on the same site by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. It was stopped because "increased numbers of foreign source providers are claiming intellectual property rights or are forewarning NGA that they intend to copyright their source." http://www.nga.mil/N
  13. First, the booking, route lookup, flight planning aspect of this tool is GREAT!!! Very well done. I'd like to know how to do 1% of what's needed to make this kind of thing. Anyway, I wasn't sure if there was an official "problem" area, but if not, I'd like to start it. I'm pointing to things I know from looking and knowing ZNY ARTCC. 1. As mentioned before, ZNY is listed as "New York Oceanic" and when ZNY Center comes on, the ocean lites up but not the mainland. ZNY has "New York Center" and "New York Radar" for the mainland and oceanic sectors, respectively. The map showing the
  14. To any and all ATC waiting for [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ingment to ZNY as a visitor/member, etc.~ Our web host decided to do some "upgrading" this past weekend. Apparently (I'm not the lead web guy just the "PR" guy so forgive my ignorance of technical jargon), it wasn't as smooth and (say in voice of the waiter, Brian, that worked at Chotchkey's with Jennifer Annison in Office Space) "Hey, we'll be doing a bit of upgrading this weekend, thanks, have a SUPER day" as they made it out to be. At this time, we cannot access our ATC Data Table, Mentor/Instructor system, Testing Center, etc
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