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  1. Amazing Andreas. Definitely a good way to convey messages to the crew, and other aircraft during WorldFlight. Completely understand the Dev team are currently busy with other projects. Let's hope once that project is complete they will have time to hit this one!
  2. Afternoon all, Apologies if this has been discussed before but I was unable to find a similar thread. For those who don't know of Hoppie, it is an ACARS emulator which allows us to simulate PDC's, CPDLC's, POSREP's, and TELEX. https://www.hoppie.nl/pub/ This has been kindly provided by Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers for many years, and continues to grow in popularity. However, while the increase in popularity is fantastic, I am seeing an increasing problem. Currently, all Hoppie data goes through a central server. Not all users using this server are flying/controlling on the VATSIM network. This has lead to confusing moments where a pilot on the VATSIM network requests a PDC or CPDLC service from a controller on a different network, or where a Heathrow Controller can't log on to provide PDC's because someone on a different network has taken the station callsign. Granted, it's a first world problem, but I'm interested to know if VATSIM have any intention to set-up a mini-server to work around this.
  3. Hi All, Quick description of an issue I've experienced while filing a flight plan through vPilot. Normally pre-file through the vatsim website but due to that system not working I have resorted to filing through vPilot. Simple copy and paste of route and remarks (Note: all fp data generated by simbrief), and other relevant information. File flight plan, server doesn't receive or process it. Initially thought it was an issue with the server I was connected to, so switched from Germany-1 to Germany-2. Filed again, no flight plan received. I then deleted all text in the remarks section, and re-filed. Server received it immediately. Don't know if this is an issue with the VATSIM servers, or vPilot but thought best to post here in case anyone else experiences the same issue. Boring information for fault finding: vPilot Version: 2.4.6 Type: IFR Departure: VHHH Destination: EGLL Alternate: EGKK Departure Time: 1030 Time Enroute: 1245 Fuel Available: 1435 Speed: 504 Altitude: 32100 Heavy: True Equipment: L Route: K0933S0980 ATEN2A BEKOL A461 YIN G586 QP B330 ELKAL W179 XYO W25 FJC/K0900S1010 G212 JTG/K0898S0980 B330 OMBON/K0902S1040 B330 YBL/K0887S1010 B330 MORIT/K0889S1040 B330 NIGOR/K0907F360 B330 NOSPI G117 XV B228 SORLI G716 RIMEB/K0898F380 G716 UHT B826 LKN G375 GATRI/N0471F380 N15 DODEP DCT IRGAL DCT ROGED/N0471F400 P850 TOR L39 LINVI DCT UPGAS N866 BUKUT P7 LOGAN LOGA1Z Remarks: PBN/A1B1D1L1O1S2 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 RNP2 DAT/CPDLCX 1FANSP2PDC SUR/RSP180 DOF/200405 REG/GCIVI EET/ZGZU0011 ZPKM0112 ZLHW0225 ZMUB0334 UNKL0503 UNNT0523 USTV0643 UUYY0746 ULAA0823 ULLL0911 EFIN0931 ESAA1012 ENOR1048 EKDK1125 EGPX1143 EGTT1146 SEL/BGMS CODE/4005E2 RVR/075 OPR/BAW PER/D RMK/LAHSO NOT AUTHORISED TCAS DSP CTC 442898544189 EGLLBAWC LHRWYBA Voice: Send + Receive
  4. I'm not going to beat around the bush here... No. It will cause more problems than resolve.
  5. Jeez just download the standalone AFV client and run it along side like the old days. Remember Roger Wilco and AVC?
  6. Just been trying to get access to the VATSIM-UK Website and dosent seem to be responding (page load error) Any ideas whats going on? Cheers Luke
  7. It's one of the files. I have used it but the textures are a bit of a let down as it uses default scenery and the gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts] is a solid colour instead of blended. apart from the textures it seems to be accurate enough. There is FRF Studio Heathrow as an alternative. egll.zip (FS9 Only) As you pointed out Ruth Heathrow2008.zip it is FS9 only. Not sure if there is freeware scenery for FSX as I don't use it. Hope this helps. Cheers Luke
  8. I found a quick solution for the Pilots who don't want to be left out of the T5 Club There is freeware scenery for Terminal 5 available on Avsim.net It may not be realistic but it's better than taxing to Ramp Ga Sewage. Cheers Luke
  9. I'm getting problems with VRC 1.2.1 aswell on the EUR_CW and UK1. Do the servers use any special software for VATSIM? If so, Then was there a firmware update recently? Just hoping it gets resolved. Cheers Luke
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