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  1. Rather than addressing the transition level it would be better to comply with the ICAO standard where cloud should only be reported if below 5,000 ft or the highest MSA For the airport, whichever is greater.
  2. Justin, I'm trying to find a way to use vATIS to depict the ATIS standards for Australia (I tried to post images of the facility config I used and what vATIS currently produces, but they wouldn't display) The non-International output is close, but ideally what I'm looking for is YBMK TERMINAL INFORMATION B RWY 14 WIND: 10020KT VIS: GREATER THAN 10KM WX: {weather conditions if any} CLD: SCT028 SCT046 T: 26 QNH: 1011 If the METAR has visibility > 10KM, no weather and NCD, then all 3 should be replaced with CAVOK (eg YBMK TERMINAL INFORMATION B RWY 14 WIND: 10020KT CAVOK T: 26 QNH: 1011) Clouds should only be reported if below 5,000ft or below the airport MSA if greater than 5,000ft I didn't select [DEW] in the above facility, but it should be displayed as DP: 22 if used I'm happy to work with you and provide docomeentation on the layout and would really appreciate your help in supporting this standard as a configuration option.
  3. Hey Justin, a great program. I'd appreciate you looking at the following bugs I have found whilst testing vATIS After connecting and then disconnecting vATIS by clicking the Disconnect Button, the VATSIM connection does not seem to be disposed of as changing profiles after disconnecting causes the new profile to play the voice on the ATIS frequency without having pressed Connect or TX ATIS. Also vATIS does not show a red TX status whilst I am receiving the audio via the AFV client trying to select and rename profiles after disconnecting vATIS causes the error: "An error occurred while trying to add an ATIS bot: Not Authenticated" If I close and reopen vATIS, I can select and rename profiles without any errors whilst I'm not connected. The text RWY 07 is spoken as runway seven instead of runway zero seven In the vATIS folder, the .wav files created for the ATIS audio are not being deleted when a new ATIS is created (I have 48 in the vATIS folder after a period of testing different facility configs using the same ATIS position) Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Brodie, I had a quick look at the update you provided. It looks like you have provided an update for NZ that has been added to an old VATSpy base of data files. It certainly doesn't include the VATPAC updates I had posted earlier and on a quick compare is missing other changes already made in this thread. Are you able to take my update (includes all the prior updates in this thread) and add the NZ updates to it so we can have an up to date download? Cheers Peter
  5. VATPAC is introducing new FIR boundaries for it's airspace on 10 NOV 16. To manually update your VATSpy files, make the following changes: VATSpy.dat Updated FIRS YTSN|Brisbane Oceanic-Tasman|BN-TSN| YCOL|Brisbane Oceanic-Coral Sea|BN-COL| YFLD|Brisbane Oceanic-Flinders|BN-FLD| YHWE|Brisbane Oceanic-Lord Howe|BN-HWE| YIND|Melbourne Oceanic-Indian|ML-IND| YINE|Melbourne Oceanic-Indian East|ML-INE| YINS|Melbourne Oceanic-Indian South|ML-INS| YBKE|Melbourne (Bourke)|ML-BKE| YWRA|Melbourne (Woomera)|ML-WRA| YGTH|Melbourne (Griffith)|ML-GTH| YBIK|Melbourne (Bindook)|ML-BIK| YKAT|Melbourne (Katoomba)|ML-KAT| YWOL|Melbourne (Wollongong)|ML-WOL| YSNO|Melbourne (Snowy)|ML-SNO| YELW|Melbourne (Eildon Wier)|ML-ELW| YHUM|Melbourne (Hume)|ML-HUM| YYWE|Melbourne (Yarrowee)|ML-YWE| YWON|Melbourne (Wonthaggi)|ML-WON| YTAS|Melbourne (Tasmania)|ML-TAS| YTBD|Melbourne (Tailem Bend)|ML-TBD| YAUG|Melbourne (Augusta)|ML-AUG| YOXL|Melbourne (Oxley)|ML-OXL| YMUN|Melbourne (Mungo)|ML-MUN| YASP|Melbourne (Alice Springs)|ML-ASP| YFOR|Melbourne (Forest)|ML-FOR| YWAR|Melbourne (Warburton)|ML-WAR| YESP|Melbourne (Esperance)|ML-ESP| YLEA|Melbourne (Leeman)|ML-LEA| YGVE|Melbourne (Grove)|ML-GVE| YPIY|Melbourne (Pingelly)|ML-PIY| YCRS|Melbourne (Cross)|ML-CRS| YHYD|Melbourne (Hyden)|ML-HYD| YJAR|Melbourne (Jarrah)|ML-JAR| YMOR|Melbourne (Morris)|ML-MOR| YTFR|Melbourne (Telfer)|ML-TFR| YGEL|Melbourne (Geraldton)|ML-GEL| YBIL|Melbourne (Billabong)|ML-BIL| YORE|Melbourne (Ore)|ML-ORE| YMDE|Brisbane (Mudgee)|BN-MDE| YARM|Brisbane (Armidale)|BN-ARM| YMLD|Brisbane (Maitland)|BN-MLD| YOCN|Brisbane (Ocean)|BN-OCN| YCVN|Brisbane (Carnarvon)|BN-CVN| YDOS|Brisbane (Downs)|BN-DOS| YGRN|Brisbane (Grafton)|BN-GRN| YBUR|Brisbane (Burnett)|BN-BUR| YKPL|Brisbane (Keppel)|BN-KPL| YSDY|Brisbane (Straddy)|BN-SDY| YTBP|Brisbane (Tabletop)|BN-TBP| YSWY|Brisbane (Swampy)|BN-SWY| YKEN|Brisbane (Kennedy)|BN-KEN| YBAR|Brisbane (Barra)|BN-BAR| YARA|Brisbane (Arafura)|BN-ARA| YTRT|Brisbane (Territory)|BN-TRT| YKIY|Brisbane (Kimberley)|BN-KIY| YSTR|Brisbane (Sturt)|BN-STR| YISA|Brisbane (Mt Isa)|BN-ISA| YWEG|Brisbane (Warrego)|BN-WEG| Updated UIRs YMMM|Melbourne Centre Upper|YWOL,YBKE,YSNO,YTBD,YTAS,YORE,YESP,YASP YBBB|Brisbane Centre Upper|YMDE,YDOS,YARA,YTRT,YTBP,YISA Updated Australian Airports Use this file. Please note that the airports in this list are what I had in my copy of VATSpy. They have been linked to the new FIRs, but their location, ICAO code or whether they are still operating has not been checked. FIRBoundaries.dat Use this file Updated VATSpy files I've taken the latest update provided by Ryan above , added in the Pakistan airports provided by Raihan and then replaced the VATPAC sections with the new data. Updated VATSpy data files can be found here Regards Peter Story Deputy Director Aeronautical Information VATPAC
  6. Thanks Ross, I've tested the $CQ packets with my own command and data fields and these are faithfully resent by the FSD server and ignored by Euroscope, so fortunately an easy change to achieve what I was after. Thanks to all respondents, I appreciate the help.
  7. Thanks David, clearly I have misinterpreted the minimal docomeentation that I have. I will look at the $CQ packets as these seem to be used for client data.
  8. Thanks very much for the quick reply Ross. Yes that explains it, I was using 10,000' as the transition altitude. I couldn't find any information on the flags field format, so unfortunately am working in the dark. Do you know if the complete field is used for the delta altitude or if a bit mask is used to extract this info once the field is converted from a string? I can send up to 64bits (unsigned int converted to a string) via the FSD server and some quick testing shows that I can use the upper 32 bits without impacting Euroscope. I'd really appreciate any information on the flags field format to avoid any future compatibility issues. A really big thanks to Gergely for not only developing Euroscope, but also allowing it to connect to FSD networks other than VATSIM. As background, the application is to provide AEW&C radar coverage that includes non VATSIM traffic, broader than the 120nm limit imposed by FSX when retrieving AI data.
  9. A question for Gergely, I am using Euroscope V3.2 on a private FSD network based on FSD V3.000 draft 9 code. On the FSX side, a simconnect program interfaces with the FSD server supporting the packet comms to and from the server. FSX aircraft connected to the private FSD network appear on the Euroscope screen as they would in VATSIM with the position data matching that sent from FSX via the simconnect program. All the Euroscope functions I need work perfectly until I use the "flags" field in the @N or @S packet. The format of this packet for FSD V3.0 is ::::::: :: It appears that Euroscope uses the flags field. Once I start using this field to send information, the altitude readout on Euroscope shows erroneous information for altitudes above 10,000ft, but below 10,000 the readouts are working correctly. I'm using my own format for the flags data. I'd appreciate any advice on what bit positions in this field I should avoid. Thanks for your help
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