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  1. Hi folks, I have been doing a lot of GA/air taxi-style flying and wanted to know what do you put in the flightplan as a destination if you're going to an unlicensed airfield that has no ICAO code? For example, the other day I did Birmingham - Strathallan, had to go IFR up there because weather wasn't great en-route but was fine to go visual for the last part up in Scotland. I ended up putting EGPT as the destination, and then 'DESTINATION STRATHALLAN' in the remarks field. Same for coming back - I had to put 'DEPARTING STRATHALLAN'. How is it done in real life for that matter, too? I also
  2. Thanks Andreas. How do I set up the GUI on my laptop so that it uses the FLAI models on my sim computer? At the moment all aircraft are being rendered as Lockheed Constellations. John.
  3. Hi folks, This seems to be a really great client, although I hope you guys figure out a way to make the UI much more intuitive as it's extremely complicated at the moment. I was wondering if there was an option, as there is with vPilot, to run this on a networked configuration, so I can run the client on my laptop while leaving the PC just to run the sim? Cheers John
  4. Hi guys, I've just converted to X-plane after years on FSX/P3D. Still using those great isms, of course, but want to use Xplane too. I have installed xsquawkbox, and I have installed X-CSL traffic, but all the traffic I see either has the Airbus logo if it's an A320 or an SAS logo if it's a 737, and the nav lights are really bright, weird-looking discs. I know I've done something wrong, but the instructions on X-CSL are so unclear. I currently have all the X-CSL aircraft in the X-plane aircraft folder. Is that correct? Cheers
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