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  1. I support the call to not only push for a new client, but also to review, update and introduce new technological features to the network. Here is one reason it isn't, and likely won't be happening. Let's look at the situation from the Founders viewpoint, or even a neutral one: The network is successful in attracting new members at reasonable rate and has evolved into one of the two largest organizations No other network I'm aware of has evolved to become a serious contender, as home for serious simmers Its services are working 24/7 for this happy community, having grown in depth and wid
  2. Can't agree more, with Luke, who sees things exactly as they are, and understands their implications, presently and in the future.
  3. Before deleting and uninstalling, remove FSX.cfg and try starting FSX.
  4. I used it about 4 years ago at Tel Aviv Control, mostly for pre-flight clearance delivery, with pilots based on indoctrination and pre-arrangement. Its is excellent, but a problem currently limits its wide use: It isn't integrated into aircraft tightly enough. Although FSX and SB4/FSInn are pretty smooth to operate, many users rely on add-ons to provide their flight environment- REX, ASE, FSrealtime, etc... and as the list grows, flying becomes a hastle. I expect limited use until it is integrated into both aircraft and Vatsim. A must for Oceanic flight. Might be a good idea to write a small
  5. molim (just back from a month on the Dalmatia beach at duce omis).
  6. Deena is only part of the communication failure procedure per that chart,as far as I can see. Tom, 1. Deena is a fix on an airway used for international departures to the west. 2. I was referring to the SID not fix. 3. BTW the link displays an obsolete chart version, current is April 2010.
  7. Hi Jason, DEENA fix is there but all DEENA1 SIDs were abolished recently, renamed PURLA. My OP requested a chart of DEENA2 (mentioned in the brand new VATIL site's aeronautical info). I suspect it is an error.
  8. Tom, googling "israel aip", first result will take you to the online current AIP. Use the links in the center and left panes to get the subject of interest. It's also possible to order the hard copy edition and updates there.
  9. Thanks Tom. Israel AIP was revamped, current edition dated 10 April 2010 contains no Deena SID as far as I can see.
  10. Shalom, 1. Quote VATIL Aeronautical Info: Where can the chart for the highlighted procedure be found? 2. Quote VATIL Aeronautical Info: Comment: According to current RW LLBG info, the subject limitation applies up to BGN VOR D6, not 7NM.
  11. Hello Bryan, even if I have critisim, it is hopefully received as intended, constructive, without malice or sarcasm, and sorry to take your valuable time, but the following I belive is both important and symptomatic. Why remove a thread when one acted irresponsibly? Others surely contributed, and that person could be dealt with otherwise: Remove offensive content, caution him of deviating from rules, suspend his forum membership when repetitive, Vatsim membership sanctions when relevant, etc... Such course of action is both more effective and better accepted by the community.
  12. Seriously, all who qualify can be advised so and enter a hold. When another replacement is needed, they will be approached first, without another tender and the long time involved. Whoever is chosen first and later by what order, is immaterial to Vatsim and fair to all others as long as it is unbiased. The late Air Force commander Gen. Benny Peled said, that whatever matter of importance a unit commander hadn't been able to accomplish in his first year of tenure, he never will. Suggesting one could schedule this position change in advance, although US doesn't need fast rotations right now, f
  13. Alex, action if and when taken isn't related to politics, but rather to systematic provocation. Vatsim and VATEUR have brilliantly succeeded in resolving potential tensions with a unique balancing act, other leaders should learn to adopt. Richard & Peter I., the specific PSA people are debating, is only a trigger for a core discussion, about implementation of Vatsim fundamentals, such as the right to use airspace, and keeping politics out. Not an out of proportion or wasted discussion IMO. One proof of my view is the level of people who posed questions in this thread. Edit: I'
  14. The following statement appears on the subject virtual airspace rules page: "Only traffic originating from or arriving to Pristina (LYPR / PRN) may enter airspace of Kosovo province. Other traffic, which is on enroute flight, should always avoid this province, except NATO flights, flying in Lower airspace." If on the other hand the rule stated as the OP posted, I see it differently. "Offered" means pilot discretion and isn't an ATC instruction.
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