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  1. Thanks Jake. Appreciate the response. That’s very helpful.
  2. Occasionally when I activate a flight plan from a tower controller who is not using VATSYS, the label does not couple with the aircraft track. I've worked out that I can fiddle with the departure time and it will eventually couple. This is pretty time consuming though. What is the quickest way to couple the label if the aircraft is being picked up on departure? I've tried selecting the couple button in the flight plan window but this doesn't work if the departure time is off slightly. Apologies for the noobie question! Also, I've encountered an error whereby I attempt to accept the aircra
  3. The controller was obviously trying to replicate r/life by mimicing the r/life frequency selection. If FSX and most aircraft add ons do not support anything other than 25k spacing, why use it online? I worked out by cooincidence that you can tune to the next closest frequency and FSINN will allow the connection, but this is not publicised anywhere. You could understand how this arrangement is confusing for new pilots. Why not make an exception from r/world procedure and use 25khz spacing? It's not like we are running out of frequencies on VATSIM
  4. Should there be consideration for new pilots that may be confused when trying to select appropriate frequency? It may be 'too hard' and the pilot may simply log off. Would it be better to have a variation from real life in this instance and use selectable frequencies?
  5. During my flight into the UK yesterday the controller was using 122.220Mhz to control, yet it way not possible to tune this frequency in flight sim? I eventually found that FSINN would switch to the controllers channel if I tuned 122.225Mhz. However this may be quite confusing for new pilots etc. Is this frequency spacing normal practice in the UK VATSIM region?
  6. Wow, what a supportive community. Perhaps this would have better communicated in a PM or a simple FYI. Great positive public relations for VATSIM!
  7. The .eta function updates the aircraft's reported position for a few moments then defaults back to where it thinks it should be based on speed etc. Is it possible to repair this so that the .eta function affixes itself to the flight plan track and the aircrafts position can be more accurately plotted? Thanks
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