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  1. Once again Thanks to all that contributed to the discussion. I realize there will always be different lines of thought on any subject as there was on this one. What I got out of it is a consensuses that a pilot on short final has the option of changing the freq. on his radio if a controller comes on line while he is on short final or to wait until he has landed the airplane and then contact the controller. Everyone understands it's the pilots first priority to safely land the plane then communicate. Thanks again to my fellow pilots. Larry Horton 1251020
  2. Thanks for all the input and advise, I find them all informative and helpful. The short final question is the one that I consider most important. Pilots know what they are capable of doing and what is required to land an airliner in virtual mode with out sliding off the runway or hitting the ground all together. I think most controllers know this and will govern their "contact me" alerts in such a way that a pilot will opt out of responding until safely on the ground. This being said I feel much better about how I will handle this issue in the future. Thanks for all the responses, I do app
  3. I don't know if this has been mentioned lately but when a controller comes on line and there is a pilot on final approach to the runway he should be allowed to continue his landing and not have to try to change radio frequencies and talk with the controller who will only be able to confirm his landing clearance. I know this has been posted before but I hope it is posted again. I have had two incidents one at Denver and one at Vancouver in the last two weeks. Can be very trying to multi-task at decision height. Larry Horton 2351020
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