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  1. Hello All Its a pretty regular occurrence that other aircraft logged into VATSIM, as say callsign AAL2231, will be shown in maybe Qatar or some other livery other than American Airlines . Ill go check the callsign in the system for the aircraft type and sure enough its a model I have in the CSL library but xPilot is pulling the wrong livery entirely. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. the update window for V1.3.20 after launching V1.3.19 gets stuck behind the xPilot window and is inaccessible to allow for me to click yes the the install of the version update.
  3. CTD when xPilot is loading V1.3.17 This post will not allow me to post the log.txt file as it only accepts images or pdfs so the full cut and paste is below. Strangely, xPlane is loading xPilot even though I am not running the xPilot APP. This start only with version. https://bin.clowd.io/?8648e94210ff1c25#6VsMpgheF9L8DGecGmibrBAQkrdAbN1ARDfGqyTLt958 I take it all back. After much more investigating it was another plugin that was causing the crashes but purely coincidental the log file was loading xpilot at time of crash.
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