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  1. Good! Yeah, it was a bit crazy tonight for sure. Weston (EIWT) is its own airfield with its own TWR controller as you know. This means that the only controllers that will control aircraft in it are EIDW_X_CTR or EIWT_TWR. If you were to fly out you wouldn't need to contact EIDW_TWR/GND etc. as they have their own airspace, but as you seem to point at, if you needed to enter the zone you would call EIDW_TWR. Similarly, if you were doing circuits at Weston there is no need to call EIDW_TWR if they are the only ones online providing you stay clear of the Dublin zone. This is a good
  2. Hi Seamus, I just happened to see your post and recognised you from flying out earlier. In the Dublin TMA, all airports are covered top-down by one of the Dublin Control sectors (EIDW_X_CTR). These can come online/offline every 30 minutes so it is confusing to keep up with. You can PM one of the controllers or call on voice to ask or double-check, voice is probably better. In this particular case, Weston is covered top-down for circuits as you asked, however, in an event controllers might be too busy to offer anything other than an "advisory" service. TL;DR Always best to ask b
  3. @Alan Cooke Thanks so much for your post Alan. We had an absolute blast and handled something like 297 departures and 286 arrivals off the top of my head. As people may know, we were raising money for the Irish Community Rapid Response team who struggle for funding every year. The money we raised over the weekend could literally save someone's life... all because of VATSIM. Thank you to everybody on the network who took part in any way! Merry Christmas
  4. Well done guys - onwards and upwards from here 🛩️
  5. Hello all, We are recruiting a Membership Director for VATéir. More information available on our forums: https://forums.vateir.org/index.php?/topic/83-vacancy-membership-director-accirl6
  6. On the 17th of August 2019, VATSIM UK and VATéir will host the Dublin to Manchester citypair from 1700z. The hop across the Irish sea is one of the shortest commercial routes done by a major airline in Europe, so you can do as many hops as you can manage, all with excellent ATC for your journey. Join the m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es jumping between the two major airports on Saturday, August the 17th and experience top cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] ATC along the way! See you there. EGCC scenery: Freeware (XP11) - https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/34233-egcc-manchester-airport/ EI
  7. VATéir's biggest event of the year is fast approaching - The Saint Patrick's Day Fly-in! On Friday, the 15th of March, we'll begin to open up full ATC cover for all of Ireland at 1900z. Dublin (EIDW), Cork (EICK) and Shannon (EINN) will have full ATC cover, as well as the regional airports. Pilots will have the chance to pick any airport around the country to fly into, be it early Friday morning from America's East-coast, or a few hops to neighbouring Europe - the choice of airport is up to you! One thing is certain; on your arrival or departure from Irish soil, you'll be welcomed by our frien
  8. At peak times in real life, Dublin airport handles a departure or arrival every 45 seconds. This doesn't happen easily. Pilots must be fully ready for departure at the holding point, and when cleared to line up and depart, do so with no delay, whilst looking down the endless stream of strobes on approach. The runway operations at Dublin will be intense, challenging, and great fun for everyone. Keep Saturday the 1st of December free for this event, fly between Dublin and your favourite airport, and enjoy the full staffing of ATC from VATeir. Charts are needed. Our Pilot Information Booklet wi
  9. VATéir's biggest event of the year is fast approaching, the Saint Patrick's Day Fly-in! On Friday, the 16th of March, we'll begin to open up full ATC cover for Dublin (EIDW) at 1900z. Pilots will have the chance to pick any airport around the globe to begin their journey into Dublin from, be it early Friday morning from America's East-coast, or a few hops to neighbouring Europe - the choice of airport is up to you. One thing is certain; on your arrival or departure from Dublin, you'll be welcomed by our friendly and professional ATC to kick-start your Saint Patrick's Day celebrations! Make Dub
  10. A few from last night on Shannon... 'RYR123, Speed 260 indicated please' RYR123: 'Negative' 'RYR123, Speed 260 knots' RYR123: 'Indicated is 290 knots' 'RYR123, I know, speed 260 knots now instead.' RYR123: 'OK then 260...' And followed by this, a nice debate began on a busy frequency. Bearing in mind this pilot had cut 100 miles from his route by going direct to the FAF, with 5 aircraft inbound to the same aerodrome under my control. 'EINABC, You're not following your arrival route, turn right heading 300 for sequencing.' EINABC: 'We are going to [runway] 06' (24 was activ
  11. Controlling EICK_APP. Dublin Radar observing.
  12. After looking, i've figured it out I think, its in brackets under the given one in the flight strip isnt it?
  13. Hello everybody, I have a question about squawk codes: When you [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign an aircraft a squawk in an IFR clearance and you insert it under the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]R box in the ''Departure List'', how do you check if an aircraft is squawking that code you gave him? Regards, Cathal
  14. Definitely agree with Johan, while i was controlling EIDW yesterday there was a new pilot flying in, he was getting quite worked up about all the information i was giving him, but, if the controller stays calm, it re[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ures the pilot. Having your first flight is probably the one you receive the most knowledge from and it, hopefully, will help the pilot enjoy the flight and fly again if the controller is kind and calm. Just my thoughts, Best regards, Cathal
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