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  1. Dear VATSIMers, Inline with VATNAF's current restructuring process, we are currently looking for an ATC Training Director to take on the following roles and tasks: Develop the required documentation, manuals, and guidelines. Supervise the ATC training in VATNAF's vACC's. Enforce the maintenance of ATC proficiency and currency with real-world operations and procedures within the vACCs. Coordination of ATC coverage during events. Training of ATC personnel within VATNAF’s vACCs (if required). Other ATC related tasks as they surface. The candidate wil
  2. Thank you very much gentlemen for the best wishes!
  3. Hey Lads, Now in the few days leading up to tomorrow's CTP I've found that I have a few corrupt textures using IVAO's MTL which caused FSX to crash if they're loaded into the sim. I've been told that I can use vPilot's debug mode to spot those bad textures. Thing is, I've started the debug mode but I can't seem to find how to use it. I really need the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance, or else I'll have to disable the model matching and get a ton of default A321s cause I can't risk crashing tomorrow. Thank You, Mohammed El-Dakamawy
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