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  1. When trying to connect to AFV client it says Connect failed (forbiden - ). Any ideas?
  2. When visibility is shown as 9999 , that is transmitted as visibility 1, zero kilometres or more. in the previous version there was no pause between 1 and zero. And something else, when reading the clouds , the word ''clouds'' is not transmitted before. so it goes like '' visibility 1, zero kilometres or more , few 2000 feet'' , which it doesn't make any sense.
  3. anyone here ''euroscope expert'' to tell me what each an every value means? (apart from the radar's coords) ? RADAR2:Kithira:N036.14.00:E022.56.00:140:1629:3100:180:1000:3100:200:1000:3100
  4. TOTALLY UNFAIR! for all the _APP positions on vatsim. I do not know how you counted the _APP stations in the last 2 weeks mister Richards BUT this is against the general Gold/Iron Mic rules . My question is: Who took the decision of counting three/four different facilities (JFK,LGA,EWR,ISP) as one _APP station, without informing anyone on vatsim in order to be notified? Last minute announcement in a devious way. There are vatsim controllers who have struggled throughout the year for the Gold mic award and that should be taken into serious consideration. I say again, it's totally unfair! I want to believe that this is not a discrimination in favor of NY_APP because if it truly is, it will raise ethical issues! Alexander Nakopoulos C1 Controller
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