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  1. I thought .wallop was a server-side thing and not dependant ö the client used and so would work on any vatsim client? Maybe not
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering whether there are any new rules regarding ATIS length. For voice controllers, even if your ATIS is 4 lines long, it will display as 5 because of the added voice information. Are we still allowed to input 4 lines of our own information, or is this now 3?
  3. Thanks for the info Christopher. I think I'm just gonna turn NAV off until the problem gets sorted. I'm sure my NAT firewall is more than capable of coping without it
  4. I've come across a problem which arises while using Norton AntiVirus 2005 with VRC. Every few seconds I will get an 'intruder alert' which states: Intrusion: Invalid UDP Destination Port Intruder: (My local IP address) Risk Level: Medium Source IP address: (My local IP address) Destination IP address: UDP Source Port: 3290 UDP Destination Port: 0. Invalid I'm really baffled as to what is causing this. I have tried a number of configurations - with/without manual router port forwarding - with/without a program exception in Norton. In all these configurations, the
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